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Gloucester Academy


Welcome to Gloucester Academy, we are very excited to meet your child and for them to start their journey with us. In the sections below you will find some key information and dates around the transition day and the start of term.

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Welcome Letter  - 1st March 2022

Dear Parent/Carer


I am incredibly proud and excited to welcome you, and your child, to Gloucester Academy.  It is going to be an incredible journey we undertake together, as we support all children to climb their own personal mountain to being the very best they can be.

GA Culture

Gloucester Academy has been on an incredible journey in the past two years, now placing us as one of the very best schools in Gloucestershire and beyond.  Our outcomes will support this.  The culture at GA is incredibly warm and welcoming, incredibly polite students who are really proud of the school.  This all starts with a fantastic GA Apprentice week to support your child’s transition to GA, as well as free residential at Viney Hill for outdoor activities and team bonding.

School in Action Tour

Please do come and see for yourself, book an individual tour through our website or through this link:

Here you will find more information available as we go through the term.

Disruption free learning

We offer all children disruption free learning in all lessons, this is something that is the cornerstone of our philosophy.  This liberates staff and students to work hard and be kind to themselves and each other.  

Our promise to you and your child

  • Provide a challenging and academic curriculum – with grammar school expectations for all.
  • Support every child in climbing their own personal mountain to the very best university or profession.
  • Provide disruption-free learning.
  • Embed a comprehensive literacy and reading programme.
  • Provide an opportunity for all students to represent the academy, be it in sports teams or other challenges.
  • Expect students to work hard and be kind.
  • Have exemplary standards of uniform, punctuality and behaviour at all times.
  • Provide support to allow ALL children to achieve.
  • Have specialist teachers in every classroom, teaching their own subject.
  • Create a warm, welcoming and rewarding culture for all students.
  • Make huge investments in sporting coaching and representative teams.
  • Focus on fun, led by our own Minister of Fun.
  • Ensure all Gloucester Academy children are safely cared for.
  • Keep you informed about your child’s progress.
  • Set homework following our Gloucester Academy guidance.
  • Never lower our expectations of your child.

Character Education, enrichment and sport

As well as the academics we have a massive ‘Character Education’ programme traits which include the arts, dance, drama, lots of extra enrichment clubs every day and of course a massive sporting provision - with fixtures played every single day in a huge variety of sports, led by leading specialist coaches.

‘Admissions +’ Student Registration

As soon as you have accepted your child’s place at GA we will email you with a unique password to enable you to log into your account on ‘Admissions +’ enabling you to complete your Students Registration Form with important information.


We very much look forward to developing the partnership together, supporting your child to be even more amazing.  Please take the opportunity of a personal tour of the school.  More information will be sent through in the coming weeks. Please contact the school on [email protected] if you have any questions at all.

As Headteacher I see it as a great privilege when a parent allows us the honour of educating their child. We are on an incredibly exciting journey together.

Yours sincerely

Jonathan Heap


Student Registration form 

GA Apprentice Week 

The first week at Gloucester Academy will allow all of our new year 7 students to settle into Academy life and through this week they will be GA Apprentices. The apprenticeship enables students to seamlessly get used to the expectations and systems at GA. It builds their confidence and gives lots of opportunities for rewards and recognition of excellent work and conduct.

Uniform and Equipment Policy

Gloucester Academy will quickly become one of the very best schools in the country. We are unapologetically ambitious for every student, and it is essential that the appearance of the students reflects this level of ambition. The right uniform and equipment is key in ensuring that our community feels like one of the strongest academic communities across the country. It is imperative that all pupils are ready for learning from their first day at Gloucester Academy.

Our uniform and equipment policy is available on the school website.  It can be found in the information tab, and in policies HERE.

Our uniform suppliers are Monkhouse

Uniform Grants - For more information about our uniform grants please contact Ms Magri; [email protected] 



Book your 'School in Action' personal tour. Come and see the amazing changes at GA and why it is the best choice for your child


Reading programme 

We have a big focus on literacy, with every tutor group, each morning, reading the same book together with their tutor. When you walk around the building in the morning there is a sense of calm and focus as students enjoy their latest book, and students will also be given the opportunity to read for pleasure for 20 minutes at the end of every school day. These reading programmes have really helped to increase literacy levels but also to develop a love for reading in our students.

We look forward to meeting you soon, in the meantime if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me; Miss Exton [email protected]