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Gloucester Academy

Report IT

Dear GA Families

At Gloucester Academy we are committed to ensuring all students are fulfilling our values by ensuring they are working hard and being kind every single day.  We are very proud of the way our students interact and support each other within school, but of course, there may also be times when students become worried about social issues within school. 

To ensure that every student in the school feels they have a voice and can express any worries they may have, we are adding a new function to our school website which will allow a student to quickly and easily report any concerns.

Using their school email address, a student can now alert staff members to any incidents that may be worrying them.  Any incidents reported will then be investigated by pastoral staff and dealt with accordingly. 

We hope this new feature will add another layer to our pastoral support system and ensure that all students have easy access to a simple way of reporting their concerns. 

We are all part of the GA community, and regardless of who students are friends with, or who they enjoy being around, every student and adult in school should expect to be treated with kindness by every other member of our community.  School is a place where all students should feel safe, where students can build new friendships, have new experiences and receive the very best education. 

Everything that we do is to ensure all students feel safe and happy.