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Gloucester Academy

Home School Promise

Gloucester Academy - will promise to

  • Provide a challenging and academic curriculum – with grammar school expectations for all.

  • Support every child in climbing their own personal mountain to the very best university or profession.

  • Provide disruption-free learning.

  • Embed a comprehensive literacy and reading programme.

  • Provide an opportunity for all students to represent the academy, be it in sports teams or other challenges.

  • Expect students to work hard and be kind.

  • Have exemplary standards of uniform, punctuality and behaviour at all times.

  • Provide support to allow ALL children to achieve.

  • Have specialist teachers in every classroom, teaching their own subject.

  • Create a warm, welcoming and rewarding culture for all students.

  • Make huge investments in sporting coaching and representative teams.

  • Focus on fun, led by our own Minister of Fun.

  • Ensure all Gloucester Academy children are safely cared for.

  • Keep you informed about your child’s progress.

  • Set homework following our Gloucester Academy guidance.

  • Never lower our expectations of your child.

Students will promise to

  • Wear the full academy uniform, as detailed in the uniform policy, and show pride in my appearance.

  • Follow behaviour expectations during lessons, around the academy, and on my journey to and from school.

  • Make every second count, no excuses and attend school everyday, on time.

  • Carry all the equipment required for every lesson, every day as per guidance in the Uniform and Equipment Policy.

  • Show excellence when completing all classwork and homework to the highest of standards and in line with Gloucester Academy’s expectations. 

  • Be ambitious and ensure I make the most of every opportunity.

  • Respect the academy buildings, grounds and other people’s property and belongings.

  • Embody the three character values; Ambition, Excellence and Pride.

  • Use ICT and new technologies appropriately, following e safety guidance, to support my work.

Parent(s) / Carer(s) - will promise to

  • Ensure that my/our child wears the full Gloucester Academy uniform, as detailed in the uniform policy.

  • Fully support Gloucester Academy’s behaviour and rewards policy.

  • Encourage and model respect for all staff and students, including in my communication.

  • Ensure that my/our child attends school  every day.

  • Ensure that my/our child attends school promptly ready for learning by 8.30am.

  • Not take my/our child out of the Academy for holidays in term time.

  • Communicate with the pastoral team with any concerns that may arise by formally booking in a meeting via reception.

  • Encourage my/our child to develop positive attitudes and character.

  • Believe in my/our child to achieve excellence in all that they do.

  • Show an interest in and support my/our child’s homework.

  • Attend all Parents’ Consultations and meetings and read all communications sent home.

  • Ensure that my/our child uses ICT appropriately to support his/her school work.

  • Use social media in a responsible manner in relation to all aspects of the Academy- communicating with the Academy using the correct channels.

Our Community Pledge - we all promise to

  • Respect and encourage the opinions of others even though we may not agree with them.

  • Treat one another as equals.

  • Support one another, our community and the environment.

  • Not partake in any bullying (verbally, physically, mentally or by using any form of technology) and will report any behaviour we set as unacceptable within our academy.