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Gloucester Academy

Seneca Learning

What is ‘Seneca Learning’ ?

  • Online learning platform
  • Login to join your classes
  • Notes, videos and quizzes to support your learning

How does it work?

  • You need to log on to Seneca using your school email and password. This will ensure that you are linked to the correct classes and assignments.
  • Go to ‘courses’ then ‘assignments’
  • You will see the assignments that have been set for you – select the next one that is due in and click ‘start learning’. Use the timetable printed inside your Seneca booklet to help you plan your learning
  • In your Seneca booklet, write the subject (eg: History – Crime and Punishment) and the topic (eg: 3.1 Changing definition of Crime in Industrial Britain) as well as the date.
  • Watch the videos and read the notes. Pause whenever you need to. Make Cornell Notes in your Seneca booklet as you go, remembering to re-watch or re-read any sections that are unclear.
  • Once you have made your notes, condense them into the summary section.
  • Once your summary section is written, transfer this into no more than 3 questions and answers.
  • Complete the task and write down your score at the top of the page in your booklet


1. What if I forget my login details?

Email for help – remember that they are the same as your school google account

2. I lost my booklet - what do I do?

Use the Cornell Notes guide on the school website here to help you set up a plain piece of paper

3. We had a family celebration, so I couldn’t do my Seneca task

You have a minimum of a week to complete each task and access to GA Prep and lunchtime support every day in school - we expect the tasks to be completed