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Gloucester Academy

School uniform

To ensure all students look smart and best represent Gloucester Academy, we have a number of rules when it comes to school uniforms. Our uniform policy can be downloaded  here.


Appropriate coat allowed, must be removed prior to entering any part of the building. Students must not wear any hoods or hats on school site.

No hoodies, fabric/knitted tops, cardigans, non Academy jumpers, sweatshirts, tracksuit tops, waistcoats, sleeveless tops, body warmers.


The blazer is a symbol of our school identity. Students are expected to wear their school blazers every day and at all times in corridors and classrooms, unless given permission by a member of staff to remove it. Blazer sleeves should be rolled down. The school jumper, black with school badge, is not to be worn in place of the blazer (no cardigans or hoodies).


Denim, corduroy, chino, tapered, skinny-jean style or skin-tight style trousers are not permitted. Students are expected to wear black trousers which sit smartly at the waist and on the ankle/shoe line.


Must be pleated. They can be black or grey and it must be worn no more than a credit-card width above or below the knee. The waistband must not be rolled - over.


Any necklace must be worn underneath the shirt and easily removed for PE lessons (for health and safety reasons).


Students may wear one plain metal stud or small metal earring (no larger than 1 cm diameter) in each ear. Flesh­ holes (ear-rings which stretch holes in the ear beyond the normal range of traditional ear-rings) are not allowed. Horn-style decorations, where the back of the piercing extends excessively behind the ear, are not acceptable. No piercings, other than ear piercings, are allowed. No other jewellery is permitted other than for cultural/religious reasons, where clarification should be sought from the school.


This item of clothing brings the greatest amount of confusion for families. We expect our students to wear 'traditional', well-constructed, weather-proof, leather or leather-type shoes with a low heel. Trainers - black or otherwise, including popular designs such as Converse or Vans-style shoes - are not acceptable. Please see below regarding unacceptable footwear to avoid confusion.

Make-up and nails

No make-up of any kind is to be worn by students. This includes foundation, lipstick, lip-gloss, mascara, blusher, eye shadow, eyeliner, brow liner and nail varnish (including false nails and false eyelashes). Students arriving in school wearing makeup, nail varnish or false nails will be asked to remove it.


Extreme haircuts which include motifs and emblems are not permitted. Hair should be of a natural colour and not cause a distraction. The school reserves the right to tell students and their parents that their interpretation of the above is unsuitable.


Hats, caps and other headgear should not be worn indoors. They should only be worn to keep the head warm during the winter or to protect from the sun in the summer. Cultural headscarves and any hair accessories should be plain black.

Unacceptable Footwear

Converse (or equivalent) leather or canvas boot, Dr Martins (or equivalent) boots, Vans (or equivalent) style leather or canvas trainer, suede studded shoes, Nike (or other manufacturers) trainers, Adidas (or equivalent) leather trainers.

Safeguarding and mobile phone usage

Safeguarding your child is paramount. At Gloucester Academy we strive to ensure the safety of each and every child. To this end the following changes will be in place from 25th February 2020.

Mobile communication devices (phones/tablets/headphones)
Mobile phone usage is banned from the school premises at all times. Students are permitted to keep them in their possession, but they must be switched off and kept out of sight at all times. Any mobile phone seen and/or heard at any time on the academy site will be confiscated and parents/carers informed. The same rule applies for headphones .

Responsibility for the safekeeping of the phone belongs to the student. At all times, student mobile phones must be switched off during the school day (8.00am to 4.00pm). If a student refuses to hand their mobile phone or other device over when asked, they will be sent to OLP for a period of one working day. Continued refusal to submit their phone whilst in OLP will result in the student being excluded for a fixed period of time until parents/carers are met with by the relevant member of staff. Refusal to go to OLP will result in a one day fixed term exclusion with the day in OLP completed upon their re-admittance to the school

If for any reason you need to contact your child, please ring the school reception on 01452 428800, they will then pass on any message.

Ordering uniform

Our uniform is supplied by a specialist uniform company called Monkhouse; they have a shop on Northgate Street, GL1. The shop is currently closed due to the COVID situation,  but they are accepting online orders for uniform items. Monkhouse are  currently updating their website to include the required uniform for Gloucester Academy.

Some changes are being made to the uniform from September 2020. Please note, if you choose the option of  the school skirt, you will need to visit the store for a fitting before placing an order for this item. We will provide you with a date for the reopening of the store as soon as this has been confirmed.