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Gloucester Academy

Uniform Statement

Gloucester Academy School Uniform statement

Gloucester Academy requires its students to wear school uniform. We believe that a school uniform
provides a sense of belonging and identity whilst setting an appropriate tone for an education
Details of our school uniform requirements can be found HERE
In developing our school uniform we have carefully considered what is required practically for
classroom lessons or for sport, safeguarding and health and safety considerations, and our
obligations under the Equality Act 2010, and we have taken account of the wishes of parents and
We have also considered the cost implications for families and different groups of pupils and sought
best value - we have minimised the number of branded items and avoided single supplier contracts
so that parents have a choice of where they can shop, and we will avoid frequent uniform changes
so that clothes can be passed on. We also offer individual items on free loan to ensure that families
have low cost options. Details of our uniform grant are available HERE.
If you have any questions about our uniform, or are struggling through financial hardship, please
contact us on and we can support you.
Complaints about our school uniform should be dealt with under the school complaints policy which
can be found HERE