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Gloucester Academy

School uniform

A smart appearance is an important aspect of modern life as it does help a person to display an air of self-confidence and a sense of respect. Gloucester Academy aims to prepare students for a successful life and so an emphasis on taking pride in one’s own appearance is an essential part of the educational process. Gloucester Academy has a strict uniform policy which helps to enhance the purposeful and successful climate of the Academy. Our uniform policy demands professionalism and ensures safety which also ensures that students are fully focused on learning as opposed to other distractions. 

Gloucester Academy uniform provides students with many positive advantages, because uniform:

● Diminishes the social exclusion of students based on what they are wearing 

● Places stronger focus on academic performance 

● Reduces tension as students do not have to compete with their peers for the latest trends in clothes 

● Creates an atmosphere of teamwork 

● Encourages pride in personal appearance and of Gloucester Academy 

● Promotes safety, particularly through making it easier to identify strangers 

● Increases self-esteem and reduces peer pressure 

● Most cost effective to parents in the long run 

● Makes them ambassadors for Gloucester Academy in the local community. 

Students are expected to wear full Gloucester Academy uniform on the way to and from the Academy. 

Jewellery and other forbidden items will be confiscated and only returned to a parent or carer. 

Essential items of uniform, e.g. Gloucester Academy blazer, some items of PE kit, are only available from Gloucester Academy uniform suppliers,, see below




Available from


Black with red piping. Worn at all times on the school site..



Black, tailored, classic style, full length, touching the shoes.


NOT jean like, corduroy, tight or  leggings etc.


If a belt is required it should be plain black with a discrete and small plain buckle.

any high street/online store


Academy issued grey kilt only.

To be worn to the knee.

No other style of skirt is permitted.




Academy logoed jumper only.



Academy clip on tie only. We expect school ties, and sports colours to be worn with pride.

1st issue provided by the Academy


Plain black socks with trousers.


Plain white ankle socks (pulled over the ankle) with skirts.


No Logos.

any high street/online store


Plain black tights only.


Please note a combination of tights and socks is not permissible.

any high street/online store


Plain design, polishable, black, with traditional soles and design.


No trimmings, logos, excessive buckles, coloured laces, or other decorations. 


No shoe/trainer hybrids, trainers, fabric shoes, or boots.

any high street/online store


Appropriate coat allowed, must be removed prior to entering any part of the building. 


No hoodies, fabric/knitted tops, cardigans, non academy jumpers, sweatshirts, tracksuit tops, waistcoats, sleeveless tops, body warmers, denim or leather jackets.

any high street/online store


These should be as plain as is possible, and either ruc-sac or messenger style bags. 


They must be able to carry A4 size books and folders and be waterproof.


No plastic bags, shoulder pouches/bags, fashion bags or other inappropriate bags.

any high street/online store

Performing Arts and Sport uniform

Polo Shirt

Academy polo shirt with logo only.


Base layers

May be worn as an option, ensure they are plain, and at the discretion of the teacher in judging the weather conditions.

any high street/online store


Academy long sleeved zipped fleece with logo only. This item is optional.


Tracksuit top

Gloucester Academy logoed top only. This item is optional.



Plain black shorts - football style

any high street store

Tracksuit trousers

Gloucester Academy logoed tracksuit trousers only.



any brand suitable for sports and performance.

any high street/online store

Football boots

Any brand suitable for use on grass.

These may be purchased in line with the curriculum that will be published and will indicate equipment required.

any high street/online store

Shin pads

Any brand, required for football and hockey.

any high street/online store

Dance and fitness

Plain black leggings may be worn.

any high street/online store


Long red football/rugby style socks only to be worn in all PE lessons.

any high street


We will always set the highest expectations for our students in order to raise their aspirations and enable them to fulfil their true potential. Parental engagement is one of the biggest factors behind student achievement and so your ongoing support is essential in supporting your child’s academic progress. 

By ensuring that your child presents themselves to Gloucester Academy each morning with full equipment it shows that the student is aspiring to progress to their full potential. 

By students always being fully equipped it supports the impact of every minute of every lesson being maximised. 

All items required every day by every student, checked in line up each morning




Pencil case

30 cm long clear plastic only. 

This makes equipment checks faster and supports exam guidelines.


2 x HB pencils


2 x black

The following will be provided by the Academy. Students may replace these by providing the empty pen for a swap

1  x purple

1 x green


30 cm, non foldable


Casio FX-85GT Plus calculator (or similar)

Pair of compasses

1 pair only


2 different colours as a minimum

Coloured pencils

a small selection required


1 only as a minimum

Pencil sharpener

1 only

Mini whiteboard pen

provided by the school, replaced by swapping the empty pen at reception for a new one.

Reading book

age and challenge appropriate: 

as allocated through the Academies 

reading program or through GCSE English Literature.

Mobile phones/electronic communication devices, and related equipment i.e. headphones

Switched off prior to entering the schools grounds. 

If switched on, whilst on the school site, 

they will be confiscated and only returned to a parent or carer.


Further Information:

The following expectations apply to all students:


The only jewellery which is acceptable is a wrist watch and a maximum one small plain gold or silver stud earrings (no stones) worn in each earlobe. Any other form of jewellery is not allowed. Gloucester Academy does not allow facial piercings of any kind, including transparent piercing retainers. Students will be asked to remove any other piercings if they are visible. Nose studs, facial and body piercings or visible tattoos are not permitted. No accessories are to be worn around the neck, wrists, and ankles or attached to clothing. Failure to remove such items will result in the student spending the day in the RfL. Large amounts of money and expensive personal effects should not be brought on site. Gloucester Academy will not accept liability if such items are lost, broken or stolen.


No extreme hairstyle or unnatural colour hair is allowed, including dip-dyed. This includes for example tramlines and Mohican etc. Only black or white hair accessories are allowed. No decorative attachments, coloured weave or extensions are to be worn in the hair. Shaved lines in the hair or eyebrows are not permitted.

If in doubt please seek clarification from the Deputy Headteacher responsible for behaviour and standards. Students arriving in school with an unacceptable hairstyle will be sent to the RfL.  

All students with long hair must tie it back for PE, Technology and Science lessons, ffor safety reasons.

Make-Up: visible

In year 7 & 8 no make-up of any kind should be worn by students. This includes foundation, lipstick, lip-gloss, mascara, blusher, eye shadow, eyeliner, brow liner and nail varnish (including false nails and false eyelashes). Students arriving in school wearing makeup, nail varnish or false nails will be asked to remove it. Failure to do so will result in the student being sent to the OLP.   From year 9 onwards we recognise that a conservative amount of makeup may be worn but must not be “visible”. For example. e.g. lip gloss, mascara, eyeliner and eyeshadow may be used sparingly. Henna decorations, nail varnish, nail decorations, French tips or extensions are not permitted. Tinted or cosmetic contact lenses and decorative dental wear are not permitted. No hoods, hats, caps or bandannas to be worn anywhere on Gloucester Academy site. Fashion spectacles are not permitted


For health and safety reasons, aerosols (including but not limited to deodorants, hairsprays, body sprays and aftershaves) are not to be used in school.

Mobile Phones and other electronic devices 

Mobile phones, computer tablets/games etc must not be switched on on site. They must be stored away in bags at all times. 

Other Valuables 

Money should be kept in a purse or wallet securely on their person. Confiscated items are to be collected at the end of half-term or by a parent/carer. 

Missing Items of Equipment and Uniform

By attending the school on time and with full equipment, we belive that this reflects that a student is fully committed to working hard in a disruption free environment.

Students may be withheld from attending lessons, until parent or carers deliver the missing items, if any items of equipment are not present in morning tutor time checks. There will be an opportunity to buy equipment from reception, from 8.00am to 8.25am each day. As well as at break and lunch – but only for replacement items that have run out during that day.