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Gloucester Academy

The House System

A pupil’s House acts as their family in school, helping them to thrive academically and pastorally. 

At Gloucester Academy, each pupil is a member of six houses; Bristol, Cambridge, Exeter, Oxford, Warwick and York.  Each year group in each House is led by a fantastic tutor who encourages each member of the House to strive towards our values; ambition, excellence and pride. Each House is based upon an exceptional Russell Group University, which students have the opportunity to explore during assemblies and visit in-person during their five years at Gloucester Academy. This equips students with the knowledge to climb their own personal mountain to the very best universities and professions when they leave Gloucester Academy.

Our House structure allows each and every pupil to work hard 100% of the time, no excuses. Members of each House strive to win the House Cup and House competitions each unit, which include inter-house sport, foreign language competitions and chess tournaments. Our House structure embodies our core belief of the importance of being kind, and encourages inter-year group cooperation, teamwork and respect thereby creating a welcoming environment throughout our school. 

Please see below to find out more about each House: 


Our house is based upon the University of Bristol, which is located in the South West of England, around 40 minutes away from Gloucester Academy. We are proud members of Bristol House and enjoy learning more about the University through talks at school, which have helped to motivate and inspire our future ambitions. 9Bristol



Our house is based upon the University of Cambridge, which is located in the East of England around two and a half hours from Gloucester Academy. We enjoy being in Cambridge, and ensure we work hard every minute, of every day to ensure we make our House proud of our achievements as we strive to achieve the House Cup at the end of each unit. There are many amazing people that attended Cambridge that we look for inspiration and guidance, these include David Attenborough, Alan Turing and Emma Thompson. 10Cambridge



Our house is based upon the University of Exeter, which is located in the South West of England, around two hours away from Gloucester Academy. We are proud to be a part of Exeter house, and love the colours of our house crest, green and white. Myself, and every member of Exeter works hard in and outside of lessons to gain as many House points as possible, taking part in many house competitions to hopefully beat Warwick in the next unit! 7Exeter



Our house is based upon the University of Oxford, which is located in Southern England, around an hour away from Gloucester Academy. We enjoy being in Oxford, and we work hard, 100% every day, no excuses in the hope we may attend Oxford University in the future. We have enjoyed learning about the plethora of courses on offer at Oxford, ranging from Japanese, to PPE to Anthropology. 10Oxford



Our house is based upon the University of Warwick, which is located in the West Midlands, around an hour and a half away from Gloucester Academy. We are proud to be in Warwick house, and always strive towards excellence in our House sporting competitions at the end of each unit. One of our favourite parts of being in Warwick house is our fantastic crest which displays two atoms of two isotopes of lithium and a DNA helix to represent the scientific community within Warwick. 9Exeter



Our house is based upon the University of York. We are proud to be in York house, and are proud to be the pioneers of one brand new Gloucester Academy House. York House represents the huge improvements that have been made at our school which led to a large increase in pupil numbers this year.

At the moment, York House is made up only of a Year 7 and Year 8's that are setting incredibly high standards for years to come in terms of achievements. Even though York House may be the second youngest and second smallest House at the moment, we still work hard every day gaining golden tickets and points in order to ensure we are in with a chance of winning the House Cup! 8York



Glasgow House is the newest Gloucester Academy House and is made up of two Year 7 tutor groups plus a Head of House and Deputy Head of House in Year 10. Glasgow is the only house to be based on a university in Scotland, and we have loved using our careers lessons to learn more about Glasgow university and all that it has to offer! 

As a team, Glasgow House has been working hard to gain RFL signatures each week to make sure that Glasgow is in with a chance of winning the House Cup! 7Glasgow.