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Gloucester Academy

Character Education

Character Education

Character Education supports every pupil at Gloucester Academy to climb their own personal mountain to the very best universities and professions. Every second, of every day our pupils embody our core values; ambition, excellence and pride whether in their subject lessons, during enrichment activities, at GA Prep or by making a positive impact in the wider community. 

  • Our Values (defined by pupils)
  • Our House System (explained by pupils and live House Points)
  • Enrichment
  • Character Lessons
  • Student Leadership

Our designated Character lessons are delivered to KS3 pupils each week and to our KS4 pupils through assemblies to help develop students' understanding of our core values and careers alongside ensuring every pupil at Gloucester develops good personal, social and moral attributes which lead to academic success.

Our Values

At Gloucester Academy we pride ourselves on three core values; ambition, excellence and pride. Every second of every day we strive to enact our core values in order to work hard, and be kind and continue to climb our own personal mountain to the very best university and professions. 


Ambition is when you are determined and work hard to achieve success.
We show ambition when we want to learn, when we show respect to our teacher and how we follow our dreams.
I show ambition by striving for my dreams. I would like to go to Oxford and become a doctor. I will do this but I have to show ambition to achieve this. Every dream is difficult but with ambition and the help of teachers at Gloucester Academy, I will succeed. If I learn, I will succeed. Andreea, 7Exeter.


Excellence is greatness- being the very best we can be. 
We show excellence by working hard and being kind every day, achieving excellence is never easy to do but at Gloucester Academy we strive towards excellence every second of every day.
I show ambition by being ambitious and ensuring I make the most of every opportunity in and outside the classroom. At Gloucester Academy, we do not just show excellence inwardly, we show excellence by respecting the academy buildings, grounds and other people's property and belongings. Rafeef, 7Exeter


Pride is the feeling of satisfaction coming from our achievements in and out of school.
We show pride by striving towards the very best grades which sets us up for success at university and in our future careers.
I show pride by working hard to achieve the very best results in my assessments, by treating people well and by showing care towards my work in every lesson, every day. Oumou, 9Bristol


Character Kitemark

Gloucester Academy is delighted to have been awarded the Association of Character Education’s Character Quality Mark. 

The development of each and every pupil’s character is a key ambition of every member of staff at Gloucester Academy. As we work hard and be kind, in order to make steps up our personal mountain the visions and values of Gloucester Academy are taught explicitly, caught as you move around our school and sought out by our pupils. 

The Character Quality Mark exemplifies the journey that pupils undertake as they move through from Year 7 to Year 11, and the support they receive from each and every member of our Gloucester Academy family, from student leaders through to staff. Through Character Badges, Character Challenges, Character lessons daily chants, Golden Tickets and much more the essence of Character really permeates through every aspect of our daily life. 

If you would like to hear more about our Character provision and gain a deeper insight into what it means to be a School of Character, please contact Miss Blick our Personal Development Lead at 

Please view our Character Kitemark Report below