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Gloucester Academy

Transition Information

Dear GA Families


I am incredibly proud and excited to welcome you, and your child, to Gloucester Academy.  It is going to be an incredible journey we undertake together, as we support all children to climb their own personal mountain to being the very best they can be.

GA Culture

Gloucester Academy has been on an incredible journey, now placing us as one of the very best schools in Gloucestershire and beyond.  Our outcomes will support this.  The culture at GA is incredibly warm and welcoming, incredibly polite students who are really proud of the school.  This all starts with a fantastic GA Apprentice week to support your child’s transition to GA, as well as free residential at Viney Hill for outdoor activities and team bonding.

School in Action Open Mornings 8:45-10:15am




School in Action tour

Please do come and see for yourself, book an individual tour through our website or through this link.

Disruption free learning

We offer all children disruption free learning in all lessons, this is something that is the cornerstone of our philosophy.  This liberates staff and students to work hard and be kind to themselves and each other.  

Our promise to you and your child

  • Provide a challenging and academic curriculum – with grammar school expectations for all.

  • Support every child in climbing their own personal mountain to the very best university or profession.

  • Provide disruption-free learning.

  • Embed a comprehensive literacy and reading programme.

  • Provide an opportunity for all students to represent the academy, be it in sports teams or other challenges.

  • Expect students to work hard and be kind.

  • Have exemplary standards of uniform, punctuality and behaviour at all times.

  • Provide support to allow ALL children to achieve.

  • Have specialist teachers in every classroom, teaching their own subject.

  • Create a warm, welcoming and rewarding culture for all students.

  • Make huge investments in sporting coaching and representative teams.

  • Focus on fun, led by our own Minister of Fun.

  • Ensure all Gloucester Academy children are safely cared for.

  • Keep you informed about your child’s progress.

  • Set homework following our Gloucester Academy guidance.

  • Never lower our expectations of your child.

Character Education, enrichment and sport

As well as the academics we have a massive ‘Character Education’ programme traits include the arts, dance, drama, lots of extra enrichment clubs every day, and of course a massive sporting provision - with fixtures played every single day in a huge variety of sports, led by leading specialist coaches.


We very much look forward to developing the partnership together, supporting your child to be even more amazing.  Please take the opportunity of a personal tour of the school.  More information will be sent through in the coming weeks. Please contact the school on if you have any questions at all.

As Headteacher I see it as a great privilege when a parent allows us the honour of educating their child. We are on an incredibly exciting journey together.

Yours sincerely

Mrs P Lewis