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Gloucester Academy

Apprenticeship Week

All of our year 7 students will be undertaking their Gloucester Academy apprenticeship within their first week of joining the school in September.

The apprenticeship will allow students to spend their first week settling into Gloucester Academy’s routines, systems and expectations. All students will achieve positive points for their outstanding behaviour and work produced, this will all go towards the final graduation assembly. They have the chance to complete their IT Passport, which introduces them to their school email account, and our online homework systems. During this week they will also take part in some mini baseline assessments, as well as have their photographs and biometrics completed.

Apprenticeship week is where our new intake start climbing the mountain to the very best professions and universities. 


How to be a successful apprentice

Attendance and Punctuality

We expect 100% attendance.

There are two big reasons why 100% attendance is important:

1. Reduced Learning: 1 week missed is 35 hours of learning lost.

2. Reduced Achievement: 2 weeks missed reduces exam grades to around 50%.

There are 7 other reasons why:

1. Every day of absence is 360 minutes of missed learning.

2. One missed day of school a week over the year is over 200 hours of missed lessons.

3. High attendance leads to high achievement.

4. Low attendance leads to low achievement.

5. Pupils below 90% attendance are 5 times less likely to achieve 5 good GCSEs.

6. We prepare pupils for the best employers who expect the highest attendance.

7. We have 12 weeks of holiday for appointments.


Parents are invited to celebrate their child's success at the end of apprenticeship week. Last year our students and families enjoyed a cream tea after the certificates had been awarded.