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Year 10 Assessment and KIP timetable - UNIT 3:

Here is the timetable for your Unit 3 KIP tests and your subject assessments. Please use your Revision Timetables to plan out your time. Remember to complete 2 hours of revision on a school night and 4 hours on a non-school night. Don’t forget to refer to:

  • Assessment Manifests

  • Structured Revision

  • Knowledge Organisers

  • Revision Cards

  • Cornell Notes

Good Luck!

Week A

Monday 28th June 

Tuesday 29th June 

Wednesday 30th June 

Thursday 1st July 

Friday 2nd July 

Period 1

English Language Paper 1 

Maths Paper 1 


English Literature Paper 2

Science Biology 

Paper 1


Paper 1

Period 2

Break 11:00–11:20


Period 3

Spanish Paper 3

10C History KIP

10C  Health & S. C. KIP

10C Sports KIP

 10C Art KIP 


History Paper 2

10A Geography KIP

10A History KIP

10A Spanish KIP

10A French KIP


10A Art KIP

Maths Paper 2

Period 4


10O, 10G & 10C RS KIP

10B Art KIP


Lunch 1:10-1.45


Period 5

10L & 10U English Literature KIP

10G, 10O & 10C English Literature KIP

10G, 10O & 10C English Lang KIP

10L & 10U RS KIP



Week B

Monday 5th July 

Tuesday 6th July 

Wednesday 7th July 

Thursday 8th July 

Friday 9th July 

Period 1

Science Chemistry

Paper 1

English Literature Paper 1 


Paper 1


Paper 1

Science Physics 

Paper 1

Period 2

10D Art KIP

10D Music KIP


10D Sport  KIP

10D History KIP

10D Geography KIP

10L & 10U Science KIP 

Break 11:00–11:20


Period 3

10B Geography KIP

10B History KIP

10B Health & S. C. KIP

10B Citizenship KIP

10 B Sports KIP

French Paper 1

 Foundation and Higher 

Maths Paper 3

10G, 10O & 10C Science KIP

Geography Paper 2

Period 4


Lunch 1:10-1.45


Period 5


10L & 10U English Language  KIP


*additional practical subject assessments will be scheduled separately - please see your class teacher for details