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Gloucester Academy

Revision Timetable

The Revision Timetable term time

This is designed to help you organise your revision so that you remain in control of your success

1. look at all the time you have available

2. cross out the slots when you have dinner

3. write in in any sports clubs or extracurricular activities you take part in so that you can plan around them

4. at the bottom of the Timetable, make a list of everything you have been set this week

5. then add the work to the sessions you have:

a. add in your Self-Quizzing (KO homework)

b. add in your Hegarty homework

c. look at your Structured Revision tasks and make sure you have scheduled them in before the deadline

d. make a note of which assessments you have each day and plan your revision up to them

e. have a look on the Year10MountainTraining-2020 Google classroom to see which additional revision tasks you will do and add them in

6. Make sure that you build in breaks - you are aiming for 2 hours of revision on a school night and 4 hours of revision on a non-school night.

7. Make sure that you keep some sessions free as you will need them if you don’t manage to complete your Structured Revision or Self Quizzing when you had planned.

At the end of the week:

1. How did it go? What did you manage and what did you miss?

2. What will you do differently next week?

3. Look through and plan your revision for the following week - don’t forget to ask for help if you are struggling.