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Gloucester Academy

Class of 2023 Unit 2 Assessment Booklet

Unit 2 Assessments

This booklet contains what you need to support you in revising for your Unit 2 Assessments.

You must use all the resources available to help you revise.

This includes:

• Assessment Manifests which outline the themes, topics and knowledge that may come up in your exams

• Your Knowledge Organiser homework for the whole of Y10 and Y11 which provides the core knowledge needed for the exams

• Your Seneca tasks and Cornell Notes which revisit key information and skills


  • Manifests for:
  • English Literature
  • Science Paper 1
  • Science Paper 2
  • Maths Higher
  • Maths Foundation
  • History
  • Geography
  • Citizenship
  • Drama
  • Religious Studies
  • Spanish Reading
  • Spanish Writing
  • Spanish Speaking
  • Spanish Listening