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Gloucester Academy

Year 9 and 10 Work Experience

Dear GA Families

We are delighted to be launching our Work Experience programme with Year 9 and Year 10 students, with our designated careers and destinations platform Unifrog. 

Work experience will enable your child to learn about the industries, careers and pathways they are interested in and inspire them to push forward with their academic studies at Gloucester Academy in order to actualise their hopes, dreams and ambitions.  Please note, we encourage all work experience to be undertaken during the school holidays, asides from exceptional circumstances 

During Week 3 of Unit 3, your child will be introduced to Work Experience during their weekly assembly.  The assembly will ensure your child knows how to attain work experience, how to complete administrative tasks to ensure legal guidelines are adhered to whilst undertaking work experience and for their hosting employer to obtain consent from yourselves and Gloucester Academy. 

Alongside this, please see below the key steps that need to be undertaken for your child to complete work experience.


Step 1:

With your support, your child should contact potential employers for work experience. 

Once a potential employer is found your child should discuss; what they would do, dates, times, location, contact details and inform their host that they will receive a form from Unifrog to complete. 

Step 2:

Your child completes a Work Experience Form under the ‘Placements Tool’ section of Unifrog. 

Step 3:

Your child’s hosting employer will complete a Work Experience Form including risk assessments.

Step 4:

You, as parent or carer, reviews the forms submitted by the employer and gives consent for this work experience.

Step 5: 

Gloucester Academy will review the work experience request and confirm it via Unifrog.

Step 6:

Following your child's work experience they will complete a Unifrog reflection form. 


Please note, your child may complete virtual work experience which does not require parental or school consent. However, we would still ask them to complete the Unifrog work experience student forms. 

Deadline for Form Completion

Student, employer and parent or carer forms should be completed within the timescales stated below:

For Summer Holiday Work Experience

Deadline: May Half Term

For Christmas Holiday Work Experience

Deadline: October Half Term 

For Easter Holiday Work Experience

Deadline: February Half Term

If students wish to undertake work experience outside of these windows, forms must be submitted 6 weeks prior to the work experience date.

Please note, we encourage all work experience to be undertaken during the school holidays, asides from exceptional circumstances.  Any requests for work experience during term should be first emailed to Miss Blick at and will be reviewed on a case by case basis. 

Yours sincerely

L Blick

Miss Blick

Personal Development Lead