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Gloucester Academy

Year 10 extended school day

Dear GA families

Extended day

I hope this letter finds you safe and well. It has been amazing to see all the hard work Year 10 students have been putting in, both online and in the classroom. I am writing to remind you about the extension of the school day for our Year 10 students, commencing on Monday 21st June 2021. Students will receive a new timetable at the beginning of June with their Period 6 sessions highlighted on it. 

One of the biggest indicators of pupil success is the amount of time that students spend being taught by outstanding teachers. We are proud to be able to ensure that all of our Year 10 students get the extended day with their own subject teachers and this extended day will continue until they leave school in Year 11. This extra time supports our students to secure the very best grades so they are able to have an extended choice as they move into higher education. 

We will be beginning our extended day by providing a series of sessions around how to revise. These sessions will also help students to begin to take on the responsibility of learning both in school and out. We will be providing each student with revision cards, highlighters, revision guides and an area they can use to study in school if they prefer to. 

Mock exams 

The extended day begins just before the start of the mock exams which begin on the Monday 28th June 2021. These exams will enable us to see how well our students are revising and learning and also identify any gaps they have in their knowledge. The mock timetable will be given out to our students on Thursday 27th May

This means that between September and the start of their GCSE exams, students will receive an additional 264 hours of learning time, which equates to 44 extra school days. 

We look forward to your full support in ensuring that the students at Gloucester Academy are able to climb their own personal mountain to the best professions and Universities. 

If you have any questions regarding intervention, please get in touch via email Mrs Pearce at:

Yours faithfully

Phillipa Lewis  

Senior Deputy Headteacher