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Gloucester Academy

Unit 2 Assessments 21st March– 1st April 2022 Year 8

Dear Parent/Carer of the Class of 2025

I am writing to share with you your child’s assessment timetable which starts from Monday 21st March 2022.


The second assessment cycle of this academic year is fast approaching and as such your child will again sit a series of KIP assessments allowing them to demonstrate their learning over the previous twelve weeks.  These assessments will take place in their usual lessons between the 21st of March and 1st of April 2022.

How will you know how well they do in each assessment?

Your child’s assessment will be marked immediately and the percentage of words they get correct will be recorded by their teacher.  Students with additional needs will have had the support they need to access the test so they are not at a disadvantage.  Once we have all the assessment information we will reset the classes to ensure the right students are obtaining the right support to progress even further as they enter the next thirteen weeks of the school year.  You will be sent a summary report to outline your child’s progress.  If your child misses an assessment, they will be expected to stay behind after school when they are next in to complete the missed assessment. We will send you a text message to let you know if this is the case. If they fail to do this they will receive a zero score for that assessment, which will affect their setting. 

What homework do students do in weeks 11,12 & 13?

During these weeks your child’s Homework practice book will be used to practice any definitions from their Knowledge Organiser that they do not know.


Following on from the success of Unit 1, this unit we also have celebrations and House competitions taking place in the Assessment and Celebration fortnight.  More information on these can be found below and, in the timetable, attached to this letter.  This is a fantastic opportunity to immerse yourself in the hard work and achievements of your child, to celebrate with them their commitment to their enrichment activity, sport and academic subjects.  You can attend all events in purple on the timetable, you will be required to sign in at reception on arrival and will need to be here 10 minutes before the start of the event.

If you have any questions around assessments at all please contact Mrs Pearce using the email  We look forward to studying and celebrating with you soon.

Yours sincerely

Mrs V Pearce                                Miss Exton

Assistant Headteacher                 Assistant Headteacher

Celebration and Assessment Timetable

Week A

Week 12

Monday 21st March 2022

Tuesday 22nd March 2022

Wednesday 23rd March 2022

Thursday 24th March 2022

Friday 25th March 2022

Period 1


8BR Art

8EX Drama

8CA Food

8G Science

8L Spanish

8O English

8U English

8O Maths

8U Spanish

8C Spanish

8L Religious Studies


8L History

Period 2

10:20 - 11:15




8L Maths

8OX Art

8WA Food

Break 11:15– 11:35

Literacy Games

Bake Sale


Ten Tors

GSE Cadets (marketing stand)

Fun Friday challenge

Period 3

11:35 - 12:30


8C Science

8G English

8L English

8O Geography

8U Geography

8EX Food

8OX Drama

8CA Art

Mindfulness family session Yr8

(Mountain Rescue)

8C Maths

8G Spanish

8O History

8U Maths

8G Maths

8O Science

8U Science

8C English

Period 4

12:30 - 13:25




8L Science

8O Religious Studies

Lunch 1:25-14.05

Unit 3 Enrichment Fair



Maths Challenge

(house competition)

Working with Words (B130)

AMT Chess Tournament- R1 (Lecture Theatre)

Period 5 14:05 - 15:00


Year 8

Inter-house Football & Netball



8U History

Period 6 15:00 - 16:05






Week B

Week 13

Monday 28th March 2022

Tuesday 29th March 2022

Wednesday  30th March 2022

Thursday 31st March 2022

Friday 1st April 2022

Period 1




8L Geography



Period 2

10:20 - 11:15

8G History

Mindfulness family session Yr 8

(Mountain Rescue)

8O Spanish

8WA Art

8BR Food

8CA Drama

8C Geography

8U Religious Studies

Break 11:15– 11:35

Duke of Edinburgh

Bake Sale


Discover a Genre

GSE Cadets

(Marketing stand)

Cheerleading showcase

(Lecture Theatre)

Period 3

11:35 - 12:30



8EX Art

8BR Drama


8G Geography

Period 4

12:30 - 13:25

8OX Food

8WA Drama

Careers (Careers in the NHS)

8G Religious Studies



Lunch 1:25-14.05

Science Stars

(Lecture Theatre)

Warhammer Battle

(Heartspace stage)

Art Showcase

(Art Studio)



AMT Chess Tournament (Lecture Theatre)

Fun Friday challenge

Period 5 14:05 - 15:00



8C History


8C Religious Studies

Period 6 15:00 - 17:00





parent parade (4:30pm - 5pm) KS4 area