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Gloucester Academy

Student Leadership

Dear GA Families

I am pleased to announce that Gloucester Academy is launching our student leadership program. Student leadership will enable all of our students to develop key skills such as teamwork and communication, as well as build confidence.

Student leadership is a fantastic opportunity for students to feel empowered and to take an active role in driving the improvements of the school.  All students involved have the choice of which leadership role they wish to apply for, and these roles vary depending on their year group.  These roles enable each student to be ambitious in attaining these positions and will promote excellence as they strive to lead their house and year group to success.

There are many reasons to become a leader, these include; driving the improvements in our school and community, to represent their house and strive for excellence in all house competitions and will help students climb their own personal mountain to the very best universities and professions.

Every student will be able to gain a leadership position over their time at GA, below is our student leadership chart.

Our key stage 3 representatives are chosen by their tutor, students can put themselves forward for this role.  All other roles are via application and interview.  This is a great experience and an asset to each student’s future CV and job application.

Student leadership brings about a sense of pride for their house, their school, their community and most importantly, themselves.  The changes our students can make are phenomenal, we hope you encourage your child to apply for one of the leadership positions.

Miss Blick is offering lunchtime drop ins for help with applications and ‘how to’ guides are available to support with the writing of applications.

Application deadline is Thursday 29th September 2022.  All applications to be posted in your child's relevant year group postbox.

We look forward to receiving your child's application.

Yours sincerely

Miss Exton

Assistant Headteacher