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Gloucester Academy

SIMS Parent App

Dear Parent/Carer

We need to ensure that the details regarding your child and their contact details are kept up to date. In light of the new GDPR regulations we are no longer able to send a paper copy home for checking so we will be moving across to a secure electronic format. We are now using the Sims Parent App that will show you your child’s details, such as contact numbers, emails, address, etc, which you can then change, if needed, and the information will then be imported back into the school records automatically.

 Please follow the instructions below to gain access.

  1. An email invitation will be sent to you so that you can register to use the app. Follow the instructions to register.
  2. Download the Sims parent App from your device app store.
    1. Apple iOS - Download
    2. Google Play - Download
  3. Open the app and you will be asked if you have received an invitation from the school and completed the registration. Contact urgently  if you didn’t receive an email.
  4. Open the app with the type of account you registered with e.g. Google, Facebook Etc.
  5. Make any changes to the student’s details, if needed.
  6.  If changes have been made, press SAVE.
  7. The screen will say ‘Pending Changes’ until the school has acknowledged the changes whereupon it will return to normal and you will be able to make changes again when needed.

The introduction of this App is to ensure that your child’s details are handled with the utmost care and security.

This App will also allow us to share with you behaviour information, both  positive and negative. It will also be how you receive your child's reports at the end of each term, see any activities that are taking place within school. See your child's timetable, as well as any detentions that may be set.

There is also a SIMS Student app which engages students by allowing them to see important information, such as their timetable. Students can also receive alerts and reminders through the app, for example, if there is a careers fair happening at school.

Students can access all the information they need outside of school directly from their phone, tablet or PC. Whether they are on the school bus or on their home computer, the information they need is at their fingertips.

If you have any concerns regarding the use of the app then please contact

Yours faithfully

Mrs P Lewis

Deputy Headteacher


More Information

Be proactive
Engaging with your children's education is key to their success. Help them stay on track with due dates by seeing their:

- Homework
- Calendar
- Timetable
- Extra-curricular activities

Track progress
See the information needed to understand your children's education and their overall performance better. Securely view your children's records:

- Assessment results
- Truancy
- Behaviour: good and bad
- School reports

Stay connected
Get alerts. Send and receive messages. Schools can send you alerts and messages straight to your phone.

All your children in one place across schools
With SIMS Parent, you can see all your children's data even if they attend different schools. (Requires schools to set up access for SIMS Parent)

Help keep your children safe. In an emergency, up-to-date information helps schools meet their safeguarding obligations. Manage what information the school holds right from your smartphone.