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Return to school: standards and expectations

Return to school: standards and expectations

Dear GA Families

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you back to school. I hope you are all fit and well and getting back into the routines of returning to school. There is another exciting term ahead and all of the staff here at Gloucester Academy are looking forward to seeing our students once again.

When you return to school on Monday the 8th of March 2021 you can rest assured that all necessary procedures are in place and we can return to disruption free learning and maintain the highest of expectations.

Thank you so much for your support over this term so far, as stated in our last letter, students have had a very different way of working for a period of time now.  Both the students and staff at Gloucester Academy have worked incredibly hard to ensure that all students stay on track to the top of their own personal mountain to the very best university or profession.

Student gate entrance / exits / Classroom bases / Lunch space

All students will arrive and exit via their year group gate.  On arrival each morning all students will be welcomed by the Achievement Leader (Head of Year) and members of the Senior Leadership Team.

The gates will be open from 8.20am and students will not be permitted entry on site before this time.  Where possible, please avoid arriving before this time to prevent groups gathering.  Please ensure all students have their own facemask.  It is also advisable that all students bring their own water bottle to school as we are not able to provide cups.

There have been changes to the year 10 and 11 gates, classrooms and lunch arrangements

Year Gate entrance / exit Classroom bases Lunch hall


(return 9th March)

Norbury Avenue B Block B Block


(return 9th March)

Painswick Road, front gate

(left hand side)

A Block A Block


(return 9th March)

Painswick Road, front gate

(right hand side)

D Block

(Science, downstairs)

D Block


(return 8th March)

Painswick Road,

pedestrian gate

D Block


Sports Centre


(return 8th March)

Cotteswold Road,

pedestrian gate

C Block C Block

Laptop loans

If you currently have one of the GA laptops / chromebooks, you will remain in possession of the device until the end of the academic year in July.  It is really important that each student is still able to access google classroom for homework as well as Key Stage 4 revision materials.

Hegarty Maths, Sparx and Bedrock will remain online learning priorities throughout the academic year and we want to ensure that all students can easily access these platforms from home. Students will have the additional opportunity to complete any online homework here in school at lunchtime homework clubs.

Expectations (Uniform & Behaviour)

We will continue to have the smartest dressed students in Gloucester. Our behaviour expectations are resulting in disruption free learning in lessons and our homework expectations are instilling an ethos and sense of pride in students.  It is truly becoming a pretty amazing place to be a student.


As you know we are not flexible in our expectations for how students are presented at the school and during the day.  It is important you have conversations with your child about this.  We always offer to support you if there are any financial barriers to your child meeting the uniform policy requirements.  We need our staff and teachers to focus purely on providing the very best lessons, uniform issues are an unnecessary diversion from this.

Please do contact your child’s Achievement Leader if necessary.  Our uniform policy can be found HERE on our website.  The expectation is that all students arrive on Monday the 8th of March / Tuesday the 9th of March 2021 in full school uniform along with all of their equipment, reading book (year 7-10), Hegarty maths booklet and Unit 2 Knowledge Organisers.  If you need a new reading book for DEAR time, please reserve one HERE.

Face coverings

Masks must be plain in appearance, no logos or motifs, and must be worn appropriately and sensibly.  If a student does not have a face covering, one will be provided for them at the cost of £1 via Parent Pay.  We will not be able to supply a second if the first mask has not been paid for.

The new Government guidance extends the recommendation that face coverings are to be worn in all Indoor environments, including the classroom.


The behaviour policy covers the two main areas of sanctions and rewards, it is available HERE on the school website.  The policy has not changed since it was published in June, when links were sent to the document, as well as a presentation provided by myself covering the main areas.

The policy is there to support a removal of all disruption, allowing students to work hard and be kind. The system is very simple and clear, which allows all students to fully understand the expectations so rewards and sanctions work hand in hand to support this. 

All children deserve the very best: to learn in a supportive, calm, and positive environment.

Therefore, we must make it clear that we will not be flexible in carrying out the policy.  It is central to your child’s improving education and future success.

You may not always agree with some of our decisions. Please be reassured that they are taken using our professional experience, very best research, and most importantly in the best interest of your child.


In a very short period of time, the student behaviour and effort at Gloucester Academy has improved beyond all recognition. This has been coupled with a growing confidence, and a growing eloquence from students.

The rewards system during the online learning has been a huge success and we will continue to provide the following awards; mystery student and the GA family dinner!

During online learning so many students across the Academy achieved their bronze, silver, gold and platinum rewards.  A reminder that when a student achieves over 50 praise points they are awarded with their BRONZE award badge, over 100 points they receive their SILVER award badge, over 150 praise points and they receive their GOLD praise badge. The ultimate reward is for over 200 praise points for which they will receive a PLATINUM award badge.

Students also achieve RFL (ready for learning) points when in lesson as well as having the opportunity to receive a ‘golden ticket’.  A golden ticket is worth 5 positive points and is awarded at the end of a lesson for outstanding work or contribution.  RFL points can also be earnt through various character building activities such as being ‘polite and respectful’ or ‘picking up litter’.  These points are recorded on your child’s RFL card.  Points are collected and counted at the end of each week and accumulate towards individual, tutor group and year group rewards.

Cycling to school

Within the uniform policy it also states that students should wear a cycling helmet if they cycle to or from school. Please make sure you are supporting your child’s safety by providing the relevant equipment.  Further cycling guidelines and expectations can be found HERE on our website.


As ever we use several platforms to communicate.  However, this is impossible if you have not provided us with up to date email addresses and phone numbers. Please contact reception, or use the login for the SIMS app, found HERE.

Please communicate via telephone to the main reception, or email to your child’s Head of Year. Our policy is to respond within 24 working hours.

We are also excited to announce that year 9 and year 10 have a new Achievement Leader (Head of Year) when they return to school.  A letter from the new Achievement Leader will be sent out this week.

Year Achievement Leader email
7 Miss C Graves:
8 Mrs H Crocker:
9 Mr Marks:
10 Miss S Exton:
11 Miss S Exton:

Finally, we would like to thank you for all of your hard work and commitment to online learning through lockdown. We will continue to work closely with you all to ensure that the students of Gloucester Academy receive the best possible education.

Yours faithfully

Jonathan Heap