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Gloucester Academy

PE Uniform Clarification

Dear GA Family

The start to term has been incredibly exciting in the PE department, as well as across the school. With a great range of sports being introduced, gym equipment for use at break times, break time sports clubs, as well as representative team fixtures being put in place.  Seeing all students benefit from over 2.5 hours of PE lessons each week is great for both fitness and mental health.

As the autumnal weather starts to bring colder and wetter days, please may we remind you of the kit that is permitted to support your child to stay warm.  Wherever possible we will always seek to use our incredible outdoor facilities and will continue to do so.

The school equipment and uniform policy is on the website.  The PE section is copied below.  Please note the various options for students, for you to purchase, as the temperature starts to drop i.e. base layers, fleece top, and tracksuit top.

Performing Arts and Sport uniform

Polo Shirt

Academy polo shirt with logo only.


Base layers

May be worn as an option, ensure they are plain, and at the discretion of the teacher in judging the weather conditions.

any high street/online store


Academy long sleeved zipped fleece with logo only. This item is optional.


Tracksuit top

Gloucester Academy logoed top only. This item is optional.



Plain black shorts - football style

any high street store

Tracksuit trousers

Gloucester Academy logoed tracksuit trousers only.



Any brand suitable for sports and performance.

any high street/online store

Football boots

Any brand suitable for use on grass.

These may be purchased in line with the curriculum that will be published and will indicate equipment required.

any high street/online store

Shin pads

Any brand, required for football and hockey.

any high street/online store

Dance and fitness

Plain black leggings may be worn.

any high street/online store


Long red football/rugby style socks only to be worn in all PE lessons.

any high street

We are aware of some shortages in supply from Monkhouse, and we are being flexible where possible to reflect this.

Please use the curriculum documents on the school for guidance as to when during the year your child may require football boots, or other specialist equipment.

As always, many thanks for your support, and please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Yours faithfully

H Barrett                              D Parrott

Ms H Barrett                       Mr D Parrott

Head of Girls PE                 Head of Boys PE