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Gloucester Academy

PE Kit Expectations

Dear GA Families

The opportunity for all students to participate in a range of sports at GA has been a huge positive this year. Students have risen to the challenge and participated with energy and enthusiasm. It is really important that students are kitted accordingly to be able to participate safely. Arriving fully equipped gives students the very best chance of success in our Elite Sport programme.

Performing Arts and Sport uniform

Polo Shirt

Academy polo shirt with logo only.


Base layers

May be worn as an option, ensure they are plain, and at the discretion of the teacher in judging the weather conditions.


any high street/online store


Academy long sleeved zipped fleece with logo only. This item is optional.


Tracksuit top

Gloucester Academy logoed top only. This item is optional.



Plain black shorts - football style

any high street store

Tracksuit trousers

Gloucester Academy logoed tracksuit trousers only. Or PLAIN black joggers with NO logo

Monkhouse for logoed, or alternative for non


any brand suitable for sports and performance.

any high street/online store

Football boots

Any brand suitable for use on grass.

These may be purchased in line with the curriculum that will be published and will indicate equipment required.

any high street/online store

Shin pads

Any brand, required for football and hockey.

any high street/online store

Dance and fitness

Plain black leggings may be worn.

any high street/online store


Long red football/rugby style socks only to be worn in all PE lessons.

any high street

PE kit also allows for students to change back into their school uniform if weather conditions are unfavourable, and also not compromise their personal hygiene.

We are aware, however, that there are rare occasions when a student is not able to take part in their sport lessons due to illness or injury. If you wish for your child to be excused from taking part in the competitive element of their sport lesson, the school must be supplied with a medical letter with information about the ailment. Students are still expected to participate in the lesson, taking on a variety of other roles which may include: scorer, umpire, analyst or coach; so, they continue to develop excellence in sport. To keep their school uniform clean and dry for the rest of their lessons, every student excused from sport will be required to change into their PE kit and join their lesson.

In order to maintain these expectations, from Monday 6th June 2022, students not fully equipped for their PE lessons will be required to borrow spare kit and be issued with a 30 minute after school detention as their PE kit is a necessary part of their school uniform.

Yours sincerely

H Barrett

Miss H Barrett

Head of Sport