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Gloucester Academy

Opportunities Fair Friday 23rd September

Dear GA Families

We firmly believe that students will be exceptional and have the ambition, drive and opportunity to 'climb their own personal mountain to the best universities and professions’.  A key element to making this vision a reality is ensuring that we provide your child with an excellent understanding of the careers that are available to them so that they can begin to plan the steps that they need to take to get there.  It is with this in mind that we are delighted to have been able to hold this year's ‘Opportunity Fair’ thanks to the support of local businesses and Richard Graham, our local MP.  This Fair will take place on the Friday 23rd September 2022 and will involve the students having the opportunity to meet and speak with over 30 different local businesses, as well as receiving a CV building workshop to help them in entering the world of work.  The day will run as follows;


Period 3

Year 11

CV Building

Year 10

Meeting the employers


Period 4

Year 11 - CV Building

Meeting the employers

Year 10

CV Building

Period 5

Year 9

CV Building & meeting the employers

I cannot stress how fantastic an opportunity this will be for your child so supporting them to attend on Friday will be incredibly important.  Please make sure you speak with your child when they return from school on Friday to ask them what they have learnt and please do get in contact with us if you have any further questions.

Your sincerely

Mr W Meldrum

Deputy Headteacher