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Gloucester Academy

Homework over the summer holidays - Year 9s

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Dear GA Families

I am writing regarding our expectations for student homework over the summer holidays. We know that students have worked exceptionally hard this year, and have made significant progress up their own personal mountains to the very best universities and professions. We want them to continue this progress over the summer and into the new academic year. We want all students to return in September well prepared and not having forgotten all the incredible information they have learned this year.

With this in mind, Year 9s will be provided with a summer booklet for self-quizzing, and they will need to do one piece of self-quizzing each week. This will mean that students can get the break they deserve but can still practice learning the important information they will need to excel in school and to climb their own personal mountains to the best universities and professions.

The homework is in exactly the same format as their knowledge organiser homework they have been doing all year, and is to be completed in their homework practice books. More information can be found on Google Classrooms and will also be emailed to students’ school email addresses. One piece of homework equates to one side of A4, with no gaps, per week.

If you have any questions around homework at all please contact me using the email

Yours faithfully

Mr J Watson

Assistant Headteacher