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Gloucester Academy


Dear GA Family

I hope that this letter finds you well and your child has had a successful start to Unit 2 at Gloucester Academy. 

Our homework model is absolutely key to ensure the students are able to climb the mountain to the best universities and professions.  Therefore, please see below the expectation of homework during the February half term. 

Knowledge Organiser (all years)

In preparation for your child's upcoming KIP assessments, all students will be expected to use their homework booklets from this term to revise/revisit any key terms that they have not already learnt. Their KIP assessments will also include 25 words from Unit 1, so they should access their previous Knowledge Organisers through our website.  They should continue to use the same process of reading the definition, covering the definition, writing out the definition and then checking for accuracy focusing mainly on the definitions that they have gotten wrong. 

Sparx (all years)

Sparx will continue for all year groups over half term.  The students will have been set an assignment this Wednesday (15th February 2023) with a deadline of the first Wednesday back (1st March 2023.)

Seneca (Year 10 & 11 only)

Seneca will continue for Years 10 and 11 over half term with one page of Cornell notes being completed on Monday - Friday.  This will be checked in P0/Tutor time during the first week back.  A reminder that Year 11 students do have access to February School if they would like a quiet place to complete any independent study/homework.

If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact your child’s Achievement Lead.

Many thanks 

Mr W Meldrum

Deputy Headteacher