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Gloucester Academy

Home COVID-19 Testing

Dear Parents and Carers

What an incredible week of testing and support we have just been thorough.  Can we firstly say that your children have been incredible and it is an absolute pleasure to see them all again working so hard and being so kind to each other.

Now that the three ‘in school’ tests have been completed, we move on to the next stage which is ‘home’ testing.  Students will be provided with a step-by-step guide and a testing kit which will contain the following items:

  • Test strip in sealed packaging
  • Swab inside sealed packaging
  • Extraction buffer sachet
  • Extraction tube
  • Extraction tube holder
  • Plastic waste bag

Students will receive this at the end of the school day this week.  Each box contains enough for 3 test kits.  If for any reason a student was not provided with their home testing kits then you will be contacted.  

When to test

The guidance is for two tests to be carried out each week and we recommend that these are done on a Sunday evening and a Wednesday evening.  We will continue to provide test kits to students as we receive these.

How to do the test

Use the Your step-by-step guide for COVID-19 self-testing booklet provided.  You can find this document and additional support on the Government website below;

How to log results

Report your result to the NHS following the instructions on page 15 of Your step-by-step guide for COVID-19 self-testing.  If you receive a positive result please email and book an appointment for a PCR test on the link below and follow the current government guidance:

Thank you for your ongoing support in helping to keep Gloucester Academy as safe as we can.

Yours faithfully
Mr D Ackland

School Improvement Lead