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Gloucester Academy

Gloucester Academy GCSE Outcomes 2022 - Best Ever Results

Gloucester Academy is proud to report that the school has achieved its best ever set of GCSE examination outcomes.

The results are not only the very best in the school’s history, but will place the school as one of the most improved schools in the country as well as performing well above national and local averages. We would like to thank all of our parents and our local community for all of their support to make sure the young people of Gloucester receive the very best start in life.

Headteacher, Jonathan Heap, said ‘We are absolutely thrilled with these well-deserved GCSE results. The hard work from students and staff, along with the support from their families has made this momentous shift in achievement possible. We are so very proud that the school has improved outcomes in all areas and sustained success over the last two years, it is a challenge we have set everyone to achieve. Students have greater opportunities now than any previous cohort from the school. I have loved working with this particular group and I wish them the very best for their futures - they deserve it’

In June 2020 Gloucester Academy joined the Greenshaw Learning Trust. Since that point the school has been on a rapid improvement journey in all areas. It is incredible how hard students have worked and how they have grown in confidence and how they have massively raised their own aspirations for their futures and what is possible. 

These results are a reflection of how much each and every student has committed in the past two years of their studies. They should be, as are we and the community, very proud of what they have achieved. There are now more students going on to study A ’Level and other level 3 courses than ever before from the school. Each student has achieved, on average, one and a half grades higher in each of their subjects than in previous years.

Phillipa Lewis, Associate Headteacher says “What a mountain we have climbed together this year. I am so thrilled that our students are now equipped with the knowledge they need to tackle the next chapter of their lives successfully.”

Everyone at Gloucester Academy is proud of all students’ achievements, but a special mention must go to those students who have achieved some of the best outcomes in the Academy, as well as progress in recent years.

Abdul B-K who achieved grade 8s and 9s across his subjects, really showing that hard work pays off as he attended every possible extra session on offer - including during the holidays. They are now going to a local Sixth Form to study A Level.

Julia D who has achieved all 7 and above at GCSE. Great attitude in the past two years towards her studies and will now be studying A Level at a local Sixth Form provider. 

Evie W who has achieved strong GCSE passes across the board, has been a role model for other students and young people at GA and the local community. She will now be studying at a local Sixth Form for her A Levels. 

Diana BM joined us from another secondary school in 2019, she has achieved some of the highest results across the year group including a grade 9 in Spanish. Diana is studying A Levels at All Saints Academy.

Adrian F made the most progress in the whole year group, and will be one of the highest in the country. Including a grade 8 in English. They are now going to study A Level at a local Sixth Form. This is a child with an EHCP, what a testament to the way we work here at GA.

Florentin D arrived in the UK from Romania in 2021, he has achieved great results across the board, including a grade 7 in Geography. Florentin is going to study A Levels at a local Sixth Form.