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Gloucester Academy

Geography Field Trip letter

"Letter for Year 11 Students"

Dear Parents/ Carers

Year 11 Geography Field Trip to Blaise Castle, Bristol - Monday 12th September 2022

Your child has been invited to go on the Year 10 compulsory field trip to Blaise Castle and city centre. This is a compulsory course requirement for their Geography GCSE and will make up part of their paper 3 exam.

The date for the trip is Monday 12th September 2022.  Students and staff will be leaving Gloucester Academy at 9:00 am and returning at 3:05 pm. The visit is fully funded so there is no cost to the students.  Students are required to wear their full GA pe kit and bring sun cream, a hat and their normal equipment with them.  Students will be standing in a stream up to shin height, therefore, they will also need to bring either wellies or a pair of shoes they do not mind getting wet.  Students will also need to bring snacks, lunch and water to last the day.

If you are happy for your child to take part in the visit/trip, please complete the reply slip below and return to the child’s tutor as soon as possible. Please also advise us of any medical information that we need to be aware of.

Do not hesitate to contact the school if you have any concerns or questions about the visit.  You can call Reception on 01452 428800 or email me at  At Gloucester Academy, we are committed to providing opportunities for young people and hope that you will grant permission for your child to attend.

Yours sincerely

Miss K Fudge

Teacher in charge of Geography



Please complete and return to Miss K Fudge by Friday 9th September 2022


Year 11 Geography Field Trip to Blaise Castle


I give permission for my son/ daughter (please print name)  ------------------------------------------


to attend the year 11 Geography Field Trip to Blaise Castle on Monday 9th September 2022


Signed (Parent/Carer) ------------------------------                      Date      ------------------------------


Print Name                         ------------------------------     Medical condition          ------------------------------


Contact number               ------------------------------