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Gloucester Academy

GCSE Results Day - Summer 2022

Dear GA families

I am writing to confirm that GCSE Results Day will be held on Thursday 25th August 2022.  To ensure that we have enough time to talk to each of our students about their next steps, we will be inviting students and parents to collect their results at specified times.

Below are the times which have been scheduled in alphabetical order according to surname.

Surname Letter



   9:00 - 9.30am


   9.30 - 10:00am


10:00 - 10:30am


10.30 - 11.00am

What if you are unable to collect the results on the day?

If you are unable to come into school and collect your results you can send a family member to collect your results for you.  If you choose this option your family member will need to come into school with a form of identification and a signed letter from you giving them permission to pick up your results on your behalf.  The letter will need to say that you have given permission for a named person to collect the results on your behalf and will also need to explain what your plans are for September.  If your letter has any missing detail we will not be able to give the results out.  If you have any questions on this please contact the Exams Officer, Mrs Lloyd, on her email address:

What do I do when I pick up results?

When you collect your results, you will be asked to explain what your plans are for September.  It would be useful to bring with you an offer you may have had for college, sixth form or an apprenticeship.

If you do not have any offers you will be able to speak to our careers advisor on the day or make an appointment for a phone call discussion later to ensure you have a plan to continue your education post 16.


I hope that you have an enjoyable summer and I look forward to seeing you all on Thursday 25th August 2022.  If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

What if I don’t have a place at a college or sixth form when I leave?

You can contact Mr Parrott the Head of Year 11 who will book an appointment with you to go through your options and ensure you have placed at least one application.

We have a careers advisor you can also see to help you make decisions.

If you need this support please contact

Yours sincerely

Mrs P Lewis

Associate Headteacher