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Gloucester Academy

GA Morning Prep 7.15am to 8.15am

Dear GA Families

We have even more fantastic opportunities for you and your child.  Gloucester Academy are opening a morning Prep session from 7:15am each morning, Monday to Friday.  Your child can take part in a host of activities ranging from football and table tennis to the use of the fitness suite and even a chance to complete homework.  All of these activities are available from 7:15am and your child will be provided with a free healthy breakfast to kick start their day.

We also recognise that it is sometimes challenging to juggle your own work commitments with that of supporting your child to attend school. This is one way we will be able to support you.  Prep will allow families to drop their children earlier to school, alleviating some of the pressures on working parents.  It will also ensure that students are well prepared for the day ahead, having engaged in physical activity and eating a healthy breakfast.

Entry via the pedestrian gate on Painswick road, there will be no entry after 7.30am and gates will be locked. 


A healthy breakfast is a fantastic way for students to start the day ready to climb their own personal mountains to the very best universities and professions.  Among many other benefits, it has been shown to help memory and concentration.

Physical Activity

Research shows that engaging in physical activity early in the morning increases alertness, engagement and improves mood.  As a result of taking part in physical activity in the morning your child can improve their sleep, enhance their metabolism, increase their physical and mental energy and help develop a strong sense of self discipline.

Sport clubs on offer across Unit 1 are; football, table tennis, handball and of the fitness suite.

Sports clubs start at 7.30am and will finish at 8.20am when the main school gates open and all students will join their year group areas.

Your child will need their trainers to take part in any sporting activities and if they choose to wear their sports kit, this must be their full GA PE kit, but PE kit is not a requirement.


GA Prep will also be an excellent opportunity for students to complete homework, and be supported to complete homework.  There will be a quiet room with staff supervision and chromebooks will be available for any online homework to do as well.

If you have any questions at all please contact us using the emails and 

Yours sincerely                                                                                                                           

Mr J Watson                                                                       Miss S Exton

Assistant Headteacher                                                   Assistant Headteacher