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Gloucester Academy

Class of 2023 - Year 9

A welcome from your new Achievement Leader

5th March 2021

Dear (Class of 2023) Year 9 GA families

I hope this letter finds you and your family well.  We are incredibly excited to have you back with us and are looking forward to your return.  We can see that as a year group, (Class of 2023) Year 9 have been engaging with lessons and have earnt over 1000 achievement points as a result of your commitment to online learning. 

As this is the start of the new term and a new chapter in your journey at Gloucester Academy I wanted to introduce myself as your new Achievement Leader, Mr Marks.  Having had a great deal of experience leading (Class of 2023) Year 9 through their Key stage 4 choices I will be able to ensure you all receive the very best support and guidance helping you make the very best decisions as you move up your mountain. 

I am looking forward to seeing you all on Tuesday 9th March 2021 on your first day back at Gloucester Academy.  Please make sure you have read through the 8th March 2021 welcome and expectations letter, found here on our website.

(Class of 2023) Year 9 Choices

This year is really important and very exciting, as you will be making your choices for GCSEs and vocational courses.  Following the letter sent out last week, we would like to remind you of our (Class of 2023) Year 9 Choices webinar which will take place on Monday 8th March 2021 at  At this launch event, we will explain the ‘(Class of 2023) Year 9 Choices’ process in more depth.  Following the event, a ‘Curriculum Guide’ will be circulated which will provide an overview of each subject.  The guide will also include a link to a short 3-minute video to help students make informed decisions.

Please remember to click here to sign up for the webinar. The link is also available on the school calendar on our website.


Please ensure that parents and carers have downloaded the SIMS APP in order to access all reports and school information.  If you require any further details around the app, please do not hesitate to contact me for further instructions and details or visit our website HERE for the app letter.

I am absolutely delighted to be the (Class of 2023) Year 9 Achievement Leader and I am very much looking forward to supporting each and every student as you climb your own personal mountain to the very best universities or professions.  Together we will ensure that we have the highest attendance across the Academy, as well as the most achievement points! 

Should you have any queries then please do not hesitate in contacting me via email; 

Yours faithfully

Mr T Marks

Achievement Leader