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Gloucester Academy

Class of 2023 Year 10 Academic Review Evening

To the families of the Class of 2023

Year 10 students have been working exceptionally hard preparing for and sitting their examinations over the last week.  The Extended School Day has provided them with over two days of extra learning time already since they started it.  This is an outstanding start to their final climb up the mountain to the best universities and professions. 

We cannot wait to discuss their successes with you at the Academic Review Evening on Tuesday 19th July 2022.  This will take place in School from 5.30pm until 7.30pm.  We will be discussing:

  • Expectations of Year 11:
    • ‘Holiday Schools’ - what they are about and how they work
    • Attendance in School 
    • Exam preparation at home

In addition to this, you have the opportunity to meet your child’s teachers and see and discuss their work and examination performance with them.  We will be handing out the results of the mock examinations, so it is an excellent opportunity to be a part of making sure that your child is prepared moving forwards into Year 11.

We look forward to your full support in ensuring that the students at Gloucester Academy are able to climb their own personal mountain to the best professions and Universities.  Please indicate your attendance by filling in this form so that we can plan refreshments accordingly.

If you have any question please do contact me on

Yours sincerely

Mrs V Pearce

Assistant Headteacher