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Gloucester Academy

Class of 2022 - Year 10

A welcome from your new Achievement Leader

5th March 2021

Dear (Class of 2022) Year 10 GA families

I would first like to say that we are incredibly excited that all students are able to return to school on Monday the 8th March 2021.  We can see that your year group, (Class of 2022) Year 10, have been engaging with lessons and have earnt over 1000 achievement points as a result of your commitment to online learning.  When you return to school you will be entering your next chapter with us at Gloucester Academy whereby (Class of 2022) Year 10 joins with (Class of 2021) Year 11 to become the Key Stage 4 mountaineering team.

(Class of 2022) Year 10 and (Class of 2021) Year 11 are both focussed on reaching the top of their own personal mountain through achieving excellent results in both GCSEs and vocational qualifications.  To ensure maximum focus, drive and support we have joined both year groups under one Achievement Leader, myself Miss Exton.  Mr Marks will be supporting (Class of 2023) Year 9 as they take their first steps into Key stage 4 and go through the options process. 

Over the next few months, (Class of 2022) Year 10 will get to experience a latitude of exciting opportunities that will help and support them to climb their own personal mountain to the very best universities or professions.  You will remain having your own line up, classrooms and area for break and lunchtime but this has moved into the front sport plaza (where (Class of 2021) Year 11 used to be). 

Beginning the climb

In order to help and support students climb their own personal mountain, staff will be assigned as ‘shepherds’ for students identified in need of extra guidance.  We refer to these shepherds as mountain rescue. We will be sending more information on this over the next two weeks.

Easter School

We also are excited to announce that we will be holding an Easter School for our (Class of 2022) Year 10 students.  Our teachers will be running morning sessions for all of our students to ensure they are fully prepared for the next steps of their journey.  Students will receive a timetable and will be required to attend the sessions that they are invited to.  We will ensure that our (Class of 2022) Year 10 get a chance to relax and unwind during the holidays amongst these highly beneficial sessions. 


Please ensure that parents and carers have downloaded the SIMS APP in order to access all reports and school information.  If you require any further details around the app, please do not hesitate to contact me for further instructions and details or visit our website HERE for the app letter.

I am absolutely delighted to be the (Class of 2022) Year 10 Achievement Leader and I am very much looking forward to embarking on this final two year journey together.  As Key Stage 4, we will ensure that we have the highest attendance across the Academy, as well as the most achievement points! 

Yours faithfully

Miss S Exton

(Class of 2022) Y10 and (Class of 2021) Y11 Achievement Leader