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Gloucester Academy

​​​​​​​Catering Update at Gloucester Academy

Dear GA Families

We are very excited to announce that the catering facilities at Gloucester Academy are now overseen by ourselves and not by outside caterers.

The dining hall will still be staffed and run by the same excellent team and managed by Tracey Starr.

Excellent Service

Gloucester Academy provides an excellent dining service with a wide range of healthy foods, drinks and snacks.  If a student has a special dietary requirement on medical grounds, the school should be informed in writing so that any necessary arrangements can be made.  The dining hall is open, at break time and lunch time Monday to Friday.

Cashless system

The school operates a cashless catering system.  Each student has their own account and money can be added onto their account by logging onto Parent pay and making a payment and making sure the monies are allocated to the correct place within the system.  We are still allowing students to top up their accounts using the cash machines in school, but this is likely to be removed in the long term.

Free School meals

The free school entitlement is £2.60 per day.  This cannot be spent at breakfast club (NB. any unspent allowance will not be transferred to the following day).  Extra money can be added to the student’s personal account by the method mentioned above.


Please make sure students have a credit on their canteen account as overspends cannot be authorised.  If you would like to put a limit on your student’s account please email the Catering Manager, with the maximum amount you would like them to spend over the day.

Healthy eating

At Gloucester Academy, our main aims are to embed healthier eating habits and encourage more social interaction between students at mealtimes.  To support these aims, we encourage students to make healthier choices and sit and eat their meals with their peers. We have water fountains located in the foyer by the canteen, to encourage students to bring in reusable water bottles and fill them during break times so they keep well hydrated throughout the day.


Menus will be placed here, as well as special offers and special events.

If your child has not done so already, we would encourage them to give the dining hall a try, it really does service great food!

Yours faithfully

GA Catering