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Gloucester Academy

approach to detentions

Dear Parents and Carers

I am writing to you with regards to a change to the academy’s approach to detentions.  As you are all aware, we run after school detentions on the same day which they are issued to students.  We do this because it enables us to create a culture of recurring forgiveness in which students are able to learn from mistakes that they make on the same day, and then come in the following day with a completely clean slate.  This is essential in ensuring that children are given the very best opportunity to learn from their mistakes.

Change to the length of detentions

We have listened to feedback from our parents, and as the clocks change and the days become shorter, we have decided to make after school detentions 30 minutes as opposed to 60 minutes.  We recognise that this is important for parents, and will help to provide peace of mind that students are able to sit their detentions and then travel home safely.  All detentions will last 30 minutes and students will leave at 3.35pm via the front gate on to Painswick Road.  In the unlikely event that a student accrues more than one detention in a day the detentions will roll over to the following day. Detentions for the Class of 2022 (Year 11) will run for 30 minutes after Period 6.

Hegarty and Sparx Maths

We have also reflected on our approach to Hegarty (Years 9 - 11) and Sparx (Years 7 - 8) and are implementing the following changes from after half term.  To recognise the successes of our students, there will be regular opportunities in school for your child to be recognised for their exceptional maths work on their respective program.  Hegarty Heroes and Sparx Superstars will be recognised on the screens around the school, and staff will be informed of the ‘stand out performers’ so we can share in the students’ successes.

As you will appreciate, completing maths work to the best of your child’s ability will lead to significant improvements in their outcomes over time and this will be a great way to recognise their hard work.  In the case of students not completing the work to a sufficient standard, students will be invited to a compulsory ‘support session’ which will be led by members of the maths team.   This will enable teachers to support students in the best manner possible, and ensure that students are up-to-date with all of their maths work.

If on the rare occasion that students are struggling to complete their work on a regular basis, a member of the maths team will be in touch so we can discuss the best way we can support your child to complete their maths work.  We very much look forward to sharing in your child’s success and recognising all of their hard work in school.

PE Equipment

Detentions will no longer be issued for single missing items of PE kit.  If a child has no PE kit at all, they will be issued a detention, however single items will be added to the RfL card, and if 3 pieces of equipment are missing in a week a detention will be issued.  If a student forgets their pencil case it will count as one piece of missing equipment.  If you need financial support acquiring the necessary equipment for your child please do not hesitate to contact us.  We will always endeavour to lend students equipment in order to remove barriers to Learning.

Please refer to the table below for clarity on what will lead to a detention after half term.

Late to school after 8:35am

30 minutes after school detention.

Late to lesson after the second bell, or late to line up after the second bell

Missing or incomplete knowledge organiser homework

Missing Equipment on 3 days in one week, including individual PE Kit

No or incomplete structured revision (KS4 only)

No PE kit at all

No RfL Card

Further support available

We know the value that high quality homework gives students, and we want all of our students to be able to complete their homework to the highest quality.  We have multiple opportunities to support this: GA Prep runs from 7.15am each morning where students get a healthy breakfast for free, and can complete any type of homework with teacher supervision, we also have homework support at lunch times, again with teacher supervision, KS3 support is in A211 and KS4 support is in the heart space computers.

Home IT access

If you do not have access to a laptop or the internet at home, please contact who will be in touch about how we can support you with this. Please refer to the homework section of the website for further guidance on homework completion or support. 


There is a huge range of rewards we use to motivate students and to give them recognition for the incredible work they do.  Details of this Units rewards will be communicated with you soon.

Yours sincerely

Mr N Nabarro

Deputy Headteacher