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Gloucester Academy

Uniform and Equipment September 2021

Dear GA Families

Following on from a similar letter dated 6th June 2021, I just wanted to re-highlight the uniform and equipment expectations for all students for September onwards.

Importance of being prepared

A smart appearance is an important aspect of modern life as it does help a person to display an air of self-confidence and a sense of respect.  Gloucester Academy aims to prepare students for a successful life and so an emphasis on taking pride in one’s own appearance is an essential part of the educational process.  Gloucester Academy has a strict uniform policy which helps to enhance the purposeful and successful climate of the Academy.  Our uniform policy demands professionalism and ensures safety which also ensures that students are fully focused on learning as opposed to other distractions.

Uniform and Equipment Policy Guidance

I am sure your thoughts will be moving toward planning for the new term in September, and with that in mind I would like to re-communicate our expectations for uniform and equipment.  These are all highlighted in our policy, found on the school website:

School Bag Changes to be aware of

Please note a change in the expectations for school bags, whilst still leaving lots of choice for the individual student.

  • These should be as plain as possible, rucksack or courier style.
  • They must be able to carry A4 size books and folders and be waterproof.
  • No plastic bags, shoulder pouches/bags, fashion bags or other inappropriate bags.

Uniform Grant

If you require financial assistance in the purchasing of any uniform from Monkhouse, please complete the Uniform Grant application form that can be found on the school website (in the parent - uniform section), or collect a form from school reception.

Important news on School Uniform Shopping

Our uniform provider Monkhouse is working hard to make sure that despite the challenges posed by international shipping, Covid and Brexit, our parents will be able to find everything they need.

This is a reminder that the best way to ensure your child has all the uniform items they need in good time for the start of the school year is to shop early, if this is possible for you.

Please book your appointment at preferably choosing an appointment in July or early August.

To stay up to date with news on stock and special offers on uniform and accessories, register for updates from our supplier here

Here is the Monkhouse Parent Guide

Thank you for understanding.  We know not all parents are able to shop early, but the challenges posed when large numbers of families shop in the last two weeks of August is something we are all keen to avoid.

Thanks once again for supporting your child and the school to become the very best.  Please always check with us in the first instance if you are unsure any item may not match our guidance.

Yours sincerely

Mr Jonathan Heap