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Gloucester Academy

Start of Unit 3 - KS3 Students

Dear Parent/Carer

Start of Unit 3 - KS3 Students

I wanted to write to you to congratulate your child on an extremely successful second assessment week this year.  Especially considering the recent circumstances, the effort and determination from students has been extremely impressive.

End of Unit 2 Reports

These reports will come home with your child on the 26th March 2021.  They will show their ranking position in each subject for both progress and attainment, as well as their raw scores.  It will also state your child’s new teaching set G, L, O, U or C, G being the highest set to ensure they get the best support possible.

Start of Unit 3

This week is the start of the third and final unit of this academic year.  New Unit 3 Knowledge Organisers are being given out today in preparation for this week.

Negative behaviour points

At the start of Unit 3, all negative behaviour points for each child are reset to zero.  This allows all students to make a fresh start, and to not repeat the previous unit's mistakes.

Homework expectations

We set clear homework that is clearly described in the Knowledge Organisers for all year groups. Homework is set for Monday to Friday plus weekend i.e. 6 sessions per week.  For more information please see the school website: Students - ‘Homework and Revision Guidance’ section.

Homework Activity Time per evening
Self-Quizzing from Knowledge Organisers & Word Challenge 30 mins
Hegarty Maths / Sparx or Bedrock 30 mins
Total Hours per week 6 hours

We believe that the incredible improvement in students' application toward their studies shows that every single student is capable of reaching the very best universities and professions.  We will never lower our expectations for your child, likewise we will support your child in every way possible to match those expectations.

Yours faithfully
Mr J Watson
Assistant Headteacher