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Gloucester Academy

Year 11 Assessment Arrangements for 2021

5th January 2020

Dear Year 11 Students and Parents/Carers

RE: Year 11 Assessment Arrangements for 2021

In the short time that I have had the privilege to work with you, as your Headteacher, I have seen an incredible spirit and determination to work hard and be kind.  I am sure that whatever the next few months bring you will continue to rise to the challenge to get the very best possible outcomes climbing your own personal mountain to the very best university or profession.

GCSE Courses

You may have heard the announcement, by Boris Johnson last night, that there may be some changes to the GCSE examinations this summer.  We will of course prepare, and support, you fully for whatever method of assessment you will face.

As a year group your recent mock examinations showed you to be on track to be the highest performing year group in the school’s history, and we see no reason why this will not be the case.

Right now, it is important that you continue to work extremely hard, prepare yourselves just as you have been, and be ready for any eventuality.  Make sure you complete all expected work online.  This will also give you a great platform for entry in the sixth form or apprenticeships.

Vocational Courses i.e. OCR, BTEC etc

These courses and assessments are planned to go ahead with no change to the method of assessment. Continue to follow the guidance from your teacher, including the preparation for examinations this January and February.

You need to be assured that your examination results will still be a reflection of your hard work and ability.

Online lessons

Please continue to access all online lessons, as well as the daily live year group gathering at each day. This morning’s assembly was an energy filled gathering and really set you up for the day ahead.

We have a good stock of new Chromebooks available, and no year 11 student should be without a good quality device to support their studies.  Please contact Mr J Watson if you need a loan of one of the machines.

Use the ‘Home learning’ tab on the homepage of the academy website if you need to.

You are brilliant!

Remember, we are always here to help and support you. You are a very special group of students, and examination results are just a part of how amazing you are going to be.


Yours faithfully

Ms S Exton, Assistant Headteacher, HOY 11

Mrs V Pearce, Assistant Headteacher, Raising Standards Year 11

Mrs P Lewis, Senior Deputy Headteacher

Mr J Heap, Headteacher