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Gloucester Academy


If we suddenly find ourselves in a situation where the school is closed we will expect students to access online learning. 

Gloucester Academy (Students)
As a student at Gloucester Academy, using my email, I agree to abide by the following rules to ensure a safe and productive learning atmosphere is maintained for all staff and students.

I will:

  • ensure I turn my camera off during the Head of Year morning message
  • ensure I mute myself during the Head of Year morning message
  • ensure my comments are specific to the content of the work only
  • ensure I register for each of my lessons promptly
  • ensure my comments are written in full, standard English only
  • Examples of correct student comments
    • Dear Mrs Pearce , please can you help me find the lesson timetable. [Student name]
    • Dear Mrs Lewis, please can you help me with the low stakes quiz? Thank you, [Student name]

I will not:

  • write comments which have no point or meaning, for example “Hi” or “Hello”
  • record or screenshot any part of a lesson or Google classroom without prior permission
  • contact people if they are having a lesson
  • use comments to engage in a conversation with other students

Failure to post appropriately will mean you are muted and will be stopped from commenting on further posts.