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Gloucester Academy


Remote learning 

How to access remote learning

All students will access their home learning through Google Classroom ( using their school email address and password.  Each student will have their log-in details written in the front of their Knowledge organiser.  

If students are completing work on their smartphones, they may want to download the Google Classroom app.

How do I know what lessons to do and when?

Each year group will have a separate timetable which will be uploaded into their Google Classroom.  Links to the website and information will be included within this document so that it is easily accessible and clear to follow.

If I miss a lesson, will I be able to complete it later?

Registers will be taken at specific times each day so your support ensuring prompt attendance is much appreciated.  Where students do miss a lesson, they will still be able to access the links from the main document and should complete any missed work as soon as possible.

Registration and lesson attendance

Students will need to ‘register’ online for each and every lesson throughout the school day. Their class teacher will monitor and track their attendance every lesson to ensure they are following the day’s learning. Upon logging into Google Classroom, students will see a link at the time of each lesson asking them to confirm their attendance.  The link will only be live at the scheduled lesson time and your support ensuring prompt attendance at each and every session is much appreciated.

Help with remote learning

Throughout each lesson, a specialist teacher will be on Google Classroom to help with any questions a student may have.  There is an option to send an individual message to the teacher within Google Classroom, and pupils are encouraged to use this feature if they are struggling to understand certain aspects of the lesson.

Technical Issues 

I do not have a smart device or something to access the lessons with

You can access the lessons on a phone, tablet or on a computer.  If you do not have a device, or enough devices for each child, please contact Mr Joe watson who will be able to look into providing these for you. 

What do I do if my child cannot access Google Classroom?

On the rare occasion that a student has forgotten or cannot find their log-in details, they should e-mail Head of Year or who will be able to help.

Google Classroom is empty?

If you have issues accessing your School Google account it may be because you are already logged in with another Google account. You can use this page to switch accounts:

What do I do if I’ve forgotten my passwords for Hegarty/Bedrock?

Sparx/Hegarty - email your Head of Year

Bedrock (Not applicable to Year 11) - email your Head of Year

Contact details for Heads of Year can be found at the bottom of the page

Completing work 

How do students complete work

Students should complete their work in their homework practice books. Where this is not possible, or you are short of equipment at home, please contact your child’s Head of Year who will be able to assist.

Teachers will check student work upon their return to school.  Your support ensuring the highest standards of presentation at home is much appreciated.

What is a Low Stakes Quiz?

A low stakes quiz is a short quiz that students complete before they complete the lesson.  It will be based on key terms and definitions that students will be familiar with and will help refresh their memory before accessing the lesson content.

What is an “Exit ticket”?

An exit ticket is a short quiz that students complete which assesses their understanding of the lesson content.  At the end of the exit ticket, students will be able to view their score and correct any mistakes.

What should students do if they finish the work early?

Lessons are designed to take the whole 55 minutes so students should not find that they finish the lesson too early.  However, if students have finished early, they should click “View Score” in their exit ticket and see where they went wrong. They can then rewatch the part of the lesson that will help them to get this answer correct.

Contacting us 

If you have a question that is not answered here, please contact your Head of Year.  Their contact details can be found below.  As I am sure you can appreciate, they are extremely busy but will try and answer your query as soon as possible.

Year 7: 

Year 8:

Year 9:

Year 10:

Year 11: