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Gloucester Academy

Letter Archive​​​​​​​

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At Gloucester Academy, we believe it is extremely important for us to communicate clearly and regularly with parents. Through this section, parents have access to all of the latest news and updates they require without being reliant on letters making their way home.

Thank you for your continued support and cooperation.

  1. Download
    Christmas Dinner letter 11.12.2020.pdf
  2. Download
    INSET Day confirmation and Covid-19 advice 11.12.2020.pdf
  3. Download
    Start of Unit 2 letter to parents 9122020.pdf
  4. Download
    Covid update letter from Headteacher 2122020.pdf
  5. Download
    Outbreak letter to school - advice to parents letter 30112020.pdf
  6. Download
    GA Advice to parents - single case letter 19112020.pdf
  7. Download
    GA Advice to parents letter single case of COVID 13112020.pdf
  8. Download
    GA Wearing of face coverings 04112020.pdf
  9. Download
    GA Y7 Assessment letters 2112020.pdf
  10. Download
    GA Y8 Assessment letters 2112020.pdf
  11. Download
    GA Y9 Assessment letters 2112020.pdf
  12. Download
    GA Y10 Assessment letters 2112020.pdf
  13. Download
    GA Y11 Assessment letters 2112020.pdf
  14. Download
    GA Covid over the Holidays letter 23102020.pdf
  15. Download
    GA Access to the School Site IMPORTANT 19102020.pdf
  16. Download
    GA Student arrangements letter 16102020.pdf
  17. Download
    GA Covid 19 update letter from Headteacher 12102020.pdf
  18. Download
    GA Uniform letter to parents 1102020.pdf
  19. Download
    GA Headteacher's letter 29th September 2020.pdf
  20. Download
    GA Y11 Assessment letter 29092020.pdf
  21. Download
    GA Headteacher's letter 18092020.pdf
  22. Download
    GA Live Stream of Ethos and Curriculum Presentation letter 11092020.pdf
  23. Download
    Face Masks letter 28.08.2020.pdf
  24. Download
    GA Letter for Year 11 students GCSE Results Day 2020 24072020.pdf
  25. Download
    Y11 letter regarding period 6 24072020.pdf
  26. Download
    Staffing update letter 140720.pdf
  27. Download
    Full school re-opening Sept 2020 130720.pdf
  28. Download
    GA Uniform & Equipment 250620.pdf
  29. Download
    Uniform letter 250620.pdf
  30. Download
    Y11 Hoodie letter 250620.pdf
  31. Download
    Y7s to Y10s Uniform Letter 250620.pdf