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Gloucester Academy

Frequently asked questions

Despite the uncertain times we are in at the moment, we all continue to work hard to plan for  the arrival of our new students into Year 7. We are determined that the students joining us this September will be amongst our most successful ever.

We hope that you will find the answers to most of your questions below, but if you have any other queries, please contact the Transition Team at

I have been offered a place at Gloucester Academy. What do I need to do? 

To accept your school place, you need to log onto the school admissions portal via the Gloucester Council website. You would have used this portal to apply for your child’s secondary school places. When you log onto the portal, you have the option to accept or withdraw your child’s place here at Gloucester Academy. Please use the link below to log on to the school admissions portal.

You will also need to complete the registration form so we have all the relevant information regarding your child. A paper form can be completed and returned by post, or you can complete an online form to return by email to Copies of this form can be downloaded from the forms section below. 

I have a question that I cannot find the answer to on the website. Who should I contact? 

You can send an email to and a member of the transition team will be able to help. Over the coming weeks, you will also be contacted by Miss Graves, Head of Year 7 who too will be able to answer any questions you may have. 

Will my child visit the school for a transition day? 

We are following the latest advice from the Government on safe working practice. This means that we are not able to invite year 6 students into school at the moment. We will update this information as more advice is made available. We have produced a virtual tour of the academy that  we recommend watching together with your child. 

Will my child be in the same tutor group as their friends? 

We have students joining us from a large number of different primary schools. We will try and ensure students are with at least one other student from their primary school where this is possible.

My child has additional needs. What extra help will he/she get? 

Inclusion is a core value at Gloucester Academy and we have very high expectations of all our students, whatever their additional needs. Primarily, support is provided by the classroom teacher through a series of consistent approaches seen in all lessons. Our SENCO will meet with the SENCO of your child’s primary school to make sure that we understand your child’s individual needs and to plan for any support that needs to be put in place to allow your child to access a full and varied curriculum.

Will my child be able to take part in any enrichment activities? 

All students will be encouraged and supported to take part in a wealth of opportunities, including sport, music and the performing arts, creative activities, cultural visits, outdoor learning experiences, work experience and opportunities to develop leadership skills. There are enrichment opportunities running every Tuesday to Thursday after school. Students will sign up for a block of 10 weeks at our enrichment fair. 

Will my child have homework? 

All students are expected to complete daily homework because this is what will ensure they have a better chance of success. Students in year 7 have alternate daily reading/Heggarty maths with self-quizzing homework every day. They also have weekly online homework in their NON core subjects. In years 7 to 9, daily homework is 1 hour per night + 30 mins per week for each non core subject

When will I be able to buy school uniform? 

Our uniform is supplied by a specialist uniform company called Monkhouse; they have a shop on Northgate Street, GL1. The shop is currently closed due to the COVID situation,  but they are accepting online orders for uniform items. Monkhouse are  currently updating their website to include the required uniform for Gloucester Academy.

Some changes are being made to the uniform from September 2020. Please note, if you choose the option of  the school skirt, you will need to visit the store for a fitting before placing an order for this item. We will provide you with a date for the reopening of the store as soon as this has been confirmed.

I have heard that you are very strict about school uniform. Is this true? 

We have high expectations of all members of our community, and we expect students to always meet the standards as outlined in the Uniform and Equipment Policy. Students at Gloucester Academy must look smart and professional at all times. This means we check uniform at the start of every day. 

  • Shirts must be tucked in.
  • Black socks must be long enough to cover the ankle fully (trainer socks are not allowed).
  • Students may wear one pair of plain small gold or silver stud earrings and a watch - no other jewellery is allowed.
  • Trousers have to be straight-cut or boot-cut - tight-fitting trousers are banned. 
  • Nail varnish and visible make-up are not allowed. 
  • Trainers or trainer-style shoes are also not allowed. 
  • Skirts must be knee length and only the pleated skirt purchased from the uniform shop will be accepted. 

We are able to lend students items of uniform if they forget something but students who refuse to work in collaboration with us or who persistently choose to break uniform rules, are sanctioned.

What equipment will I need? 

All students need a bag to carry books and their equipment. Year 7 students are given an A4 size planner to record their homework in and use as their Self Quizzing Practice Book, additionally a  Knowledge Organiser to help them learn key information for all of their subjects will be provided for each of the 3 x 12 week units of work. These must be brought to school every day, along with a reading book, and full equipment. A full list of the equipment required can be found in the Uniform and Equipment policy

All students are able to purchase a locker for keeping larger items, such as lunch or a PE kit.  

Which scientific calculator should I buy? 

We recommend the Casio FX-85GT Plus Scientific calculator. 

Will my child have to do tests or exams? 

All students joining Gloucester Academy complete assessments regularly so that we can check on their progress and plan any additional support, such as numeracy or literacy interventions. Reading tests are key to making sure that teachers plan work that challenges students at an appropriate level. Year 6 students will complete reading assessments as part of their transition.

I’ve heard that students who disrupt learning are taken out of class. Is this true? 

Learning in a disruptive free classroom is a commitment we make to all students at Gloucester Academy. If a student chooses to disrupt someone else’s learning, the teacher will issue a warning and will remind the student of the rules. If a student chooses to disrupt learning for a second time, they will be asked to leave the lesson and to report to a supervised study area; they will not be permitted to return to class that day. 

Can my child ride a bike to school? 

Yes. We encourage students to walk or cycle to school to stay healthy. Students may lock their bikes up in our designated bike shed using a traditional bike lock. Students may not cycle on the school premises and should observe safe cycling rules on the roads as they approach and leave school.

Can my child take part in the Gloucester Academy remote curriculum this term? 

Yes, our remote curriculum includes academic lessons are all available online.

The academic curriculum is available to all through our YouTube channel, the link is here:

Our remote Greenshaw Choir runs weekly on Fridays, to find this follow this link:

Our daily Tutor Time Reading Programme is released by 8:30 every morning here:

How do I pay for school meals for my child? 

We use ParentPay, an online system that allows you to make payments 24/7 for a variety of purposes, including school dinners and trips.

The school office will issue you with your unique ParentPay account activation details. Once you have received these details, simply log on to the ParentPay website to activate your account.

If you have more than one child at Gloucester Academy, or children at other ParentPay schools, you can create a single account login for all your children.