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Gloucester Academy

Covid testing of all students

18th December 2020 - Re: Covid testing of all students Tuesday 5th January and Friday 8th January 2021

Dear Parent/Carer

As you may have read in the news, a mass testing program is being conducted in January throughout all schools. Recent pilots have shown how rapid testing can be used effectively and have positive impacts in schools and colleges. The lateral flow tests that will be provided to schools and colleges produce a result in 30 minutes and do not require a laboratory to process. We will ONLY contact you directly if we receive a positive response.

From the beginning of January, schools and colleges will be provided with testing kits including personal protective equipment (PPE). They will be provided with comprehensive guidance and training materials and support to introduce a testing programme that works for staff, students and pupils.

Our plans for rolling out testing at Gloucester Academy All students will be tested twice, 3 days apart.

Year 11 students will attend school as normal for lessons all week during the first week back.  Year 11 students will be tested on Monday afternoon. Other year groups will be fully supported with an online curriculum, details of which will be sent out separately by Mr J Watson, and Mr E Watson in the New Year.

The following year groups will be expected to attend school at the designated times, to be tested, students are not required to wear their school uniform when attending for testing.

Year 7

 Year 8

Year 9

Year 10

Tuesday 5th January AND Friday 8th January

Normal Side gate

Normal Front gate

Side gate by car park

Normal Back gate

Year 7 base

Year 8 base

RFL room

Sports Hall

  • In through normal door down corridor to heart space
  • Into Year 7 base for test
  • Exit through normal door
  • In through normal door down corridor to heart space
  • Into Year 8 base for test
  • Exit through normal door
  • In through pedestrian entrance, walk by side of front car park
  • Line up down side of RFL room
  • Enter RFL room by side door
  • Test in RFL room
  • Exit through Sports hall reception area
  • Enter and walk up via normal path
  • Left by back of sports hall (D and T side)
  • Line up along sports hall
  • Enter by far side door
  • Testing in sports hall
  • Exit via opposite corner door in sports hall                         

G 9.00am

L 10.00am

O 11.00am

U 12.00am

C  1.30pm

G 9.00am

L 10.00am

O 11.00am

U 12.00am

C  1.30pm

G 9.00am

L 10.00am

O 11.00am

U 12.00am

C  1.30pm

Bristol 9.00am

Cambridge 10.00am

Exeter 11.00am


Warwick 1.30pm

Those children who are categorised as vulnerable, and those of critical workers, will have provision available in school as normal throughout the week. They will also follow the online curriculum that students at home will be. Please indicate by emailing, that your child is in this category and will be attending school as normal. Please be advised that full uniform and behaviour standards will be expected as usual.

For your child to be tested we will need your written consent, either using the form attached, or the form linked on the school website.

Please complete the permission form for your child, linked here.                 

There is further guidance and a link at the end of this document.

Yours faithfully

Mr J Heap