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Gloucester Academy

COVID-19 Information

Home COVID-19 Testing 

Dear Parents and Carers

What an incredible week of testing and support we have just been thorough.  Can we firstly say that your children have been incredible and it is an absolute pleasure to see them all again working so hard and being so kind to each other.

Now that the three ‘in school’ tests have been completed, we move on to the next stage which is ‘home’ testing.  Students will be provided with a step-by-step guide and a testing kit which will contain the following items:

  • Test strip in sealed packaging
  • Swab inside sealed packaging
  • Extraction buffer sachet
  • Extraction tube
  • Extraction tube holder
  • Plastic waste bag

Students will receive this at the end of the school day this week.  Each box contains enough for 3 test kits.  If for any reason a student was not provided with their home testing kits then you will be contacted.  

When to test

The guidance is for two tests to be carried out each week and we recommend that these are done on a Sunday evening and a Wednesday evening.  We will continue to provide test kits to students as we receive these.

How to do the test

Use the Your step-by-step guide for COVID-19 self-testing booklet provided.  You can find this document and additional support on the Government website below;

How to log results

Report your result to the NHS following the instructions on page 15 of Your step-by-step guide for COVID-19 self-testing.  If you receive a positive result please email and book an appointment for a PCR test on the link below and follow the current government guidance:

Thank you for your ongoing support in helping to keep Gloucester Academy as safe as we can.

Yours faithfully
Mr D Ackland

School Improvement Lead


From the 8th March 2021 as directed by the UK Government

  • Attendance will be mandatory for all students as directed by the school (except those who are clinically extremely vulnerable or need to self-isolate).
  • We will continue to provide remote education for students who are unable to attend school because they are following government guidance.  As well as full onsite provision for KW children and vulnerable students.
  • Essential control measures will continue to be in place to minimise COVID-19 transmission.
  • Gloucester Academy will phase the return of students during the first week to facilitate testing.
  • Our updated covid risk assessment is available in the policies section of the school website.

Face Masks

Previously, the guidance asked secondary students and staff to wear face coverings in indoor communal areas.  The new guidance extends this recommendation to all indoor environments in secondary schools (including classrooms) when social distancing cannot be maintained.  Exemptions (such as students who rely on visual signals for communication, students with Doctor evidenced medical exemptions etc) apply.

Students will need to bring their own plain facemasks into school.  In the event a child does not have a face covering we will supply one for the cost of one pound, paid via parent pay.  We will not be able to supply a second if the first mask has not been paid for.

Asymptomatic testing for all staff and students

  • Staff will be given kits for twice weekly testing at home.
  • Returning students will be tested three times at school (three to five days apart) and will be provided kits for at-home testing thereafter, from the 15th March.
  • All testing carried out in school will use lateral flow devices (LFD) which provide a result in 30 minutes.
  • Staff and students with a positive LFD result will need to follow self-isolation guidance and obtain a PCR test to confirm the result.
  • Close contacts of anyone who tests positive must not attend school for ten days.
  • All testing is voluntary - if you have not yet done so please complete this consent form for your child:

Information on how to self-test if you do not have symptoms 

Step-by-step guide for COVID-19 self-testing if you are symptom free.

Arabic | Bengali | Chinese (simplified) | English | Gujarati | Polish | Punjabi (Gurmukhi script) | Romanian | Somali | Turkish | Urdu | Welsh | Easy Read (English) | Large Print (English) |

Information on how to self-test if you have symptoms 

Two-page guide on how to test yourself if you visit a testing centre or at home.

Arabic | Bengali | Czech | Farsi | French | Gujarati | Hindi | Japanese | Kurdish | Lithuanian | Mandarin Chinese | Pashto | Polish | Portuguese | Punjabi | Romanian | Russian | Slovak | Somali | Spanish | Tamil | Turkish | Urdu | Welsh

Easy read version on how to do the home test.

Information sourced from Walsall For All - We thank them for there efforts with the translated guidance and accessible formats on COVID-19